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The composition and distribution of household wealth in Australia

This article describes how household wealth has changed and briefly examines how developments in house prices, equity prices and superannuation returns may have affected the composition and distribution of household net worth. It updates previous work done by the Bank using data from the Household...

Contribution of the not for profit sector

In addition to being a key service provider, the role of the sector in promoting social cohesion, raising civic awareness and facilitating participation in community activities — all of which have indirect economic and social benefits — is increasingly acknowledged by policymakers. Against this backdrop...

Climate change: the case for action

Delaying action to mitigate climate change increases the risk that adverse climate change impacts, including possibly irreversible changes, will occur before greenhouse gas concentrations can be stabilised at a desired level, according to this research paper. The likely consequences of unmitigated climate change present serious...

Responding to the Australia 2020 Summit

This response follows the Prime Minister's commitment to consider fully the more than 900 ideas generated by the 1000 participants to the Australia 2020 Summit in April 2008. The Response outlines ideas the government will implement, those it will explore further and those which, at...
Discussion paper

Poverty, climate change and health in Pacific Island countries

This discussion paper highlights the considerable health, social and economic consequences of climate change in the developing countries of the Pacific Ocean, where fragile environments, failing economies, poor population health, and a shortage of needed workforce skills mean there are fewer resources to prevent and...

Linking climate and health in the Pacific

LAST MONTH at the World Health Organisation conference on climate change in Copenhagen, WHO experts outlined the impact of climate change on human health, and how improvements in environmental conditions could reduce the global disease burden by more than 25 per cent. The WHO has...

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health labour force statistics and data quality assessment

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health labour force statistics and data quality assessment provides comprehensive data on the Indigenous health labour force. Data are drawn from censuses, surveys and administrative data sources. The report presents information on Indigenous medical practitioners, nurses, Aboriginal health workers and...

Report on the evaluation of the National Minimum Data Sets for Elective Surgery Waiting Times

This evaluation found users of the national collections for Elective Surgery Waiting Times regarded the data as highly useful and highly important. It recommends collections continue, and coverage be improved to increase the proportion of public elective surgery episodes included in the collections. The report...

Impact of falling cardiovascular disease death rates:

Death rates from CVD and CHD have declined dramatically in Australia since their peak in the mid 1960s. This report quantifies the number of lives saved since the peak and looks briefly at the age and sex population groups where the impact was likely to...
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Strengthening field-based training in low and middle-income countries to build public health capacity:

The International Health Regulations (2005) and the emergence and global spread of infectious diseases have triggered a re-assessment of how rich countries should support capacity development for communicable disease control in low and medium income countries