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Economic value of the crocodile farming industry to the Northern Territory

This study reports on the economic value that the crocodile farming industry contributes to the Northern Territory (NT) in 2014/15.

Remote Indigenous housing system: a systems social assessment

The poor state of Indigenous housing in remote areas is generally acknowledged as one of Australia's most intractable housing problems. The thesis examines why the remote Indigenous housing system does not meet the housing needs of Indigenous people in remote areas and discusses an alternative...
Journal article

Patterns of resident health workforce turnover and retention in remote communities of the Northern Territory of Australia, 2013–2015

Background: The geographical maldistribution of the health workforce is a persisting global issue linked to inequitable access to health services and poorer health outcomes for rural and remote populations. In the Northern Territory (NT), anecdotal reports suggest that the primary care workforce in remote Aboriginal...

Pre-court diversion in the Northern Territory : impact on juvenile reoffending

A juvenile pre-court diversion scheme was introduced in the Northern Territory in 2000. Administered by police, it uses warnings and conferences to divert selected juveniles from the court process. This paper reports on an analysis of Northern Territory police records on 3,597 apprehended juveniles over...
Discussion paper

Planning for a vibrant future: discussion draft

This resource aims to harmonise land use planning with the government’s overall strategy for developing the Northern Territory.

Impact of Defence training activities and facilities on rural and regional communities: third interim report

The committee is investigating how the increased investment in defence will deliver benefits and opportunities for regional economies and communities. This report focuses on evidence received in Darwin and Katherine.

The economic impacts of a potential shale gas development in the Northern Territory

This report outlines the findings from the independent economic impact assessment of a potential onshore unconventional shale gas industry in the Northern Territory.

Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing (NT): interim report

This interim report details the activities undertaken by the inquiry panel to date and its preliminary analysis of some of the risks and benefits of hydraulic fracturing for shale gas in the Northern Territory.

10 year infrastructure plan 2017-2026

In the short term, this infrastructure plan will help industry with its own planning and workforce management and inform decision-making across all levels of government.