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Interventions to facilitate health workforce restructure

The recognised shortages in most health professions in Australia show that previous attempts at health workforce planning have failed. Stephen J. Duckett argues that one reason for such failure is the lack of appropriate structures for health workforce planning. He makes specific policy suggestions to...
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The impact of classroom design on pupils' learning

This study assessed 153 classrooms in 27 schools in order to identify the impact of the physical classroom features on the academic progress of the 3766 pupils who occupied each of those specific spaces.
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The influence of urban design on neighbourhood walking following residential relocation: longitudinal results from the RESIDE study

Commencing in 2003, RESIDE is a longitudinal natural experiment examining the impact of urban planning on active living in metropolitan Perth, Western Australia.

Higher-density cities need greening to stay healthy and liveable

Cities are home to more than just people. We also need to accommodate the critters and plants who live in them.

Boutique health? Gender and health policy

Toni Schofield examines the ways in which gender has been represented and understood in 'gender-specific' health policy discourse. She seeks to identify more clearly the nature of 'the problem' of gender and health and to recommend directions for improving the way in which it has...

Towards more physical activity in cities

As cities continue to expand in population, there is a growing need to develop ways of supporting physical activity in dense urban settings.

Cooling Western Sydney: A strategic study on the role of water in mitigating urban heat in Western Sydney

Cooling Western Sydney is a Sydney Water study on the role of water and other technologies in mitigating urban heat in western Sydney.

Performance Improvement Framework: Review for Manatū Hauora, the Ministry of Health, December 2017

The Performance Improvement Framework (PIF) helps senior leaders in the New Zealand State Services lead performance improvement in their agencies and across the system. This is the full report of the review of the Ministry of Health.

Public versus private? An overview of the debate on private health insurance and pressure on public hospitals

The 7.96 per cent average increase in private health insurance premiums for 2005 marks the third year in a row in which private health premiums have increased on average by more than 7 per cent. Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott's announcement of the increases was...
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Population health and wellbeing: identifying priority areas for Victorian children

In contrast to previous population survey programs nationally and internationally, this study seeks to extract contemporary policy-oriented domains for inclusion in a strategic program of child health data collection, using a stakeholder consultation process to identify key domains and policy information needs. The outcome is...