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Discussion paper

Compensation and rehabilitation for veterans: issues paper

This issues paper has been released by the Productivity Commission to assist participants in preparing a submission to the inquiry into Compensation and Rehabilitation for Veterans.

Trade and assistance review 2016-17

This review contains the Productivity Commission's latest quantitative estimates of Australian government assistance to industry. This year's review also explores how Australia should best respond to the USA using its leverage to protect their domestic industries.

Paid parental leave: support for parents with newborn children: inquiry report

The Australian government's statutory paid parental leave scheme should be taxpayer-funded, and should provide paid postnatal leave for a total of 18 weeks that can be shared by eligible parents, at the adult federal minimum wage, according to this report.

Trade and assistance review 2007-08

The review contains the Commission's latest quantitative estimates of Australian Government assistance to industry and documents the findings of the major reviews dealing with export assistance, innovation policy, and assistance to the automotive and the textiles, clothing and footwear sectors. The review also look at...

Assessing Local Government Revenue Raising Capacity

Key points - The ratio of local government own-source revenue to GDP is about 2 per cent. - The ratio of rates revenue (the only tax instrument of councils) to GDP decreased from 1.0 per cent to 0.9 per cent between 1990-91 and 2005-06. -...

Review of the Australian Consumer Product Safety System

The current regulatory system plays a necessary and important role in identifying and removing unsafe products through recalls, bans and standards. Overall, the regulatory system, in combination with other mechanisms, delivers a reasonable level of product safety, as expected by Australian consumers. Nevertheless there is...

Geographic Labour Mobility

This study contributes to understanding of why people move. Commissioner Alison McClelland said: "For individuals, life events and family circumstances appear to be the most important factors in decisions whether to relocate for work. Factors related to housing, employment, local infrastructure and a person's level...

Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage: Key indicators 2003

This Report has been prepared at the request of the Council of Australian Governments. Its key task is to provide indicators of Indigenous disadvantage 'that are of relevance to all governments and Indigenous stakeholders, and that can demonstrate the impact of programme and policy interventions'.

Population and Migration: Understanding the Numbers

Includes population growth, fertility and mortality, overseas migration, geography of population growth, future population growth etc.

Rural Research and Development Corporations

Key points Through the Rural Research and Development Corporations (RDCs), rural industries and the Australian Government together invest some $490 million a year in R&D. This co-investment model has important strengths, including: helping to ensure that public money is not spent on research of little...