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Chinese food and water security: the effects of air, water and soil pollution

China faces a multitude of issues related to air, water and soil pollution. These issues will impinge on its ability to continue to expand its agricultural sector.
Briefing paper

Is there a problem with Chinese international students?

This policy brief first explains the challenges related to Chinese international students and then specifies policy recommendations to deal with these concerns.
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China seeks influence in Australian universities

Academic staff at Australian universities have been targeted in Chinese social media campaigns after complaints from Chinese students that their teaching material was 'offensive.'

Cultivating growth: the 2nd Asia Pacific alternative finance industry report

This study reveals that Australia's US$610 million alternative finance market, including peer-to-peer lending and crowd-funding, has grown 53% over the past twelve months, to become the second largest market in the region.
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Building on the Western Australian boom: the drivers and shapers of China's economic development in the 21st century

The extent of Western Australia’s current links with China, the historic nature of China’s transformation and the likelihood of severe disturbances along the road – provide both major opportunities and big risks for Western Australia.
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The debate papers: who is Australia's most important economic partner?

In the first instalment of the United States Studies Centre's new debate series, James Laurenceson and Jared Mondschein go head to head over who is Australia's most important economic partner, the United States or China?

China going electric: plans to ban petrol and diesel cars

China's plans to eventually ban the sale of new petrol and diesel engines could hurt Australia's multi-billion-dollar car-parts industry.

Danger ahead for Australia as Asia's long peace ends

The real prospect of conflict between North Korea and the US and its allies underscores the recent deterioration in Australia’s security environment, writes Alan Dupont.

The wasteful dragon: food loss and waste in China

China loses or wastes at least six per cent of the food that it produces.

China in the Pacific: a question of influence

Exaggerated fears about China’s intentions reflect a misunderstanding of what’s happening in the region, writes Graeme Smith.