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Briefing paper

Identity cards

Ray Jordan provides background on the 1980s proposal by the Labor government to introduce a national identity card (the Australia Card), its subsequent defeat, and on current initiatives by the Coalition government to consider an ID card in an effort to deter crime and terrorist...

Whistleblowers, and governments, need more protection

Queensland was the first Australian jurisdiction to introduce legislation to protect whistleblowers. David Solomon reviews the operation of the law and argues that more protection is needed.

Religion, faith and global politics

Religion and the resurgence of faith-based foreign policies have become a central theme in contemporary world politics. In a series of short essays, Lorraine Elliott, Mark Beeson, Shahram Azbarzadeh, Greg Fealy and Stuart Harris investigate the main features of this resurgence and put to the...

Impacts of a national emissions trading scheme on Australia's electricity markets

This report commissioned for the National Emissions Trading Taskforce describes the impacts of the emissions trading scheme on the electricity market. In this report we describe the impacts of the emissions trading scheme on the electricity market. Section 2 of the report describes the methodology...
Discussion paper

Possible design for a national greenhouse gas emissions trading scheme

This Discussion Paper has been prepared by the National Emissions Trading Taskforce, which reports to the Premiers and Chief Ministers of all Australian States and Territories. The paper sets out a possible design for a national emissions trading scheme. The scheme is designed to achieve...

Education for all 2007 global monitoring report

What are the benefits of programs for the very young? Why have countries been slow to implement policies that integrate care, health, nutrition and education? Besides taking a closer look at early childhood care and education, this fifth edition of the report assesses progress towards...

Where is the wealth of nations?

This volume asks a key question - where is the wealth of nations? Answering this question yields important insights into the prospects for sustainable development in countries around the world.

Cancer in Australia: a snapshot, 2004-05

This ABS publication provides a brief overview of the incidence of the types of cancer suffered, prevalence and other characteristics, cancer screening practices, trends in morbidity and mortality in Australia.

Social barometer: challenges facing Australian youth

The traditional 'coming of age' is a longer and less clear-cut process for this generation of young people, who often enjoy the benefits of more study, but also less secure job prospects according to Martina Boese and Rosanna Scutella. The 'Youth Transition Social Barometer' throws...

Whose civilisation? Which enlightenment?

Many scholars now accept that what previous generations of scholars referred to as the Enlightenment was in fact a diverse phenomenon with distinct national variations. However, they may be overstating their case. Enlightenment ideas of 'civilisation' did operate as a single 'classificatory' scheme, which was...