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Development of guidelines for non-Indigenous people undertaking research among the Indigenous population of north-east Victoria

The Department of Rural Health at the University of Melbourne has developed a framework for conducting research in partnership with Indigenous communities. This article provides an overview of the framework which addresses past inappropriate research practices, incorporates cultural understandings, and outlines culturally appropriate protocols. The...
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Diversity Management Strategies: Community Driven Employment Initiatives - Congolese Experience in Shepparton

A Review of Re-Settlement Services for Migrants and Humanitarian Entrants by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, May 2003, recommended seeking further opportunities to settle humanitarian entrants in regional Australia. Key recommendations of this and other reports included: While deemed structurally correct, the system...
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Evaluating Hands-on Small Business Assistance in the Latrobe Valley

Supporting and growing small business to develop an enterprise culture in the Latrobe Valley, is important given the effects of privatisation and restructuring of the power industry and the resultant high levels of unemployment. The focus for this paper is the context, process and outcome...

Evaluating the Impact of the CVSC Project's Energy Efficiency Interventions: A Framework and Initial Findings

The Australian Government has invested $100 million in Solar Cities programs designed to test new and sustainable models for electricity supply and use. it is being implemented in seven separate regions across Australia, including Central Victoria. Central Victoria Solar City program encourages residents to test...
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Examining quality of life among rural, remote and urban residents of Victoria

Is city or country life more conducive to physical and mental well being? The effect of rurality and place characteristics on subjective well being was explored in this study, which was conducted with 355 residents of various rural, remote and urban locations within Victoria. The...
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Cost of chronic illness in rural and regional Victoria

Having a good income does not protect people with chronic illness from poverty. In fact, going to work and earning an income can severely disadvantage people who have high medication needs by disqualifying them from the financial benefits of a Health Care card. Expecting that...

Dangling the carrot: analysis and discussion of immigration to regional Australia [strategies which could encourage skilled migrants to settle in regional Australia]

Australia's population in 2051 is projected to be approximately 26.4 million. This report considers where the increased population will reside. Living in some areas of Australia is impossible, so population dispersal must capitalise on where people want to settle and there are economic opportunities. Research...

Dealing with Extremes: The Lake Boga Follow-up Study - Report on Findings

The Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD) has an interest in understanding how communities cope with, and respond to, social, economic and environmental change. This report outlines the findings of a set of interviews conducted in Lake Boga in early 2011. The interviews were...

Delivering A Healthy Working Basin About the draft Basin Plan

Most of the rivers of the Murray-Darling Basin can be considered 'working rivers'. While the flows in some rivers, like the Paroo, remain mostly natural, for the majority of rivers, water is captured, extracted or diverted to support communities, agriculture and other industries. Communities also...
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Developing Staff in the Regions

The challenges that are faced in setting up a regional library service and attracting and developing suitably skilled staff are discussed. The David Mann Library is one of four regional campus libraries of La Trobe University, Melbourne.