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GEN - Aged care data

GEN is a one-stop-shop for aged-care data. This website improves availability and accessibility of information for the community and stakeholders, by making it accessible for all levels of users.
Fact sheet

Comparisons between the youth and adult justice systems: 2015–16

This fact sheet summarises some of the similarities and differences between young people and adults in the justice systems in Australia. In 2015–16, the most common principal offence among young people was theft, while among adults it was illicit drug offences.
Fact sheet

Remoteness, socioeconomic position and youth justice supervision: 2015–16

This fact sheet provides information about the remoteness area and socioeconomic status of young people under supervision during 2015–16, based on their last known address.

National social housing survey: detailed results 2016

This report provides an overview of national-level, state and territory findings, as well as comparisons across public housing, state-owned and managed Indigenous housing, and community housing tenants.

Radiotherapy in Australia 2015–16

This report publishes data on 60,600 courses of radiotherapy that were delivered in Australia in 2015–16.

Trends in cardiovascular deaths

This report describes trends in cardiovascular disease death rates by age group using the latest available data.

Statistics on drug use in Australia 2004

This report provides a comprehensive summary of major drug use statistical collections, with references to sources of more detailed information. Data are presented on patterns of drug use (including trends and characteristics of substance users), international comparisons, drugs and health, special population groups, crime and...

Vision problems in older Australians

Visual impairment is an important health issue facing the present and future generations of older Australians because it can affect physical, functional, emotional and social wellbeing, and reduce quality of life. The main aim of this bulletin is to present the most reliable, robust and...

Community Aged Care Packages in Australia 2003-04

This report is the sixth annual compilation of data on Community Aged Care Packages, an Australian government-funded program designed to provide assistance to enable frail or disabled older people with complex care needs to continue living in the community. These packages provide an alternative to...

Nursing and midwifery labour force 2003

This report presents statistics on trends in the employment of nurses and midwives in Australia. Information presented in the report includes a national overview of the number and characteristics of nurses, their geographic region and the overall supply of nurses. Also included is a profile...