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Industrial relations reforms: the proposed national system

The Australian Constitution left the states with the primary responsibility for regulating industrial relations but gave the federal parliament a limited power to make laws with respect to 'conciliation and arbitration for the prevention and settlement of industrial disputes extending beyond the limits of any...

Essential liberties are lost in imitation

While both John Howard and Tony Blair are resolute in their desire to get new laws through their parliaments, Australia's new laws will be inferior to those introduced in Britain, and we risk doing greater damage to our democracy and fundamental liberties, writes George Williams...

Cultural tourism in regions of Australia

This report examines the importance of cultural tourism in regions of Australia by quantifying cultural tourism activity and expenditure at national, state/territory and regional levels.

The 'neglected diseases' dilemma?

Miniscule research resources are allocated to researching the diseases of developing countries such as malaria and the strains of HIV prevalent in Africa. Plainly, the commercial model of drug research fails to respond to the needs of the poor. But pressures are mounting on governments...

High unemployment at a time of low unemployment

In 2004-05, Australia had an average annual unemployment rate of 5.3 per cent, the lowest rate in 28 years. Despite a low rate of general unemployment, there are still many groups in the community for whom the unemployment rate is well into double digits, or...

Compulsory voting in Australian national elections

Compulsory voting has been part of Australia's national elections since 1924. Renewed Liberal Party interest and a parliamentary committee recommendation that voluntary voting be the subject of future investigation suggest that this may well be an important issue at the next election. Scott Bennett describes...
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Bogong moths and Parliament House

The Bogong moth (Agrotis infusa) migrates annually to the highest peaks in the Southern Alps where millions spend the hot summer months aestivating in deep, dark crevices in rock caves among granite boulders. Parliament House disrupts the flight of the moths, writes Bill McCormick, and...

Linking vocational education and training with industry in Australia and China

Josie Misko, Lin Yufeng, Jiang Dayuan, Wu Quanquan and Wang Zerong examine the linkages between vocational education and training (VET) and industry in China and Australia. They detail each country's arrangements for the provision of industry advice to governments and discusses industry-specific programs and skill...

Using information and communication technologies in adult literacy education: new practices, new challenges

New information and communication technologies are changing literacy practices at an unprecedented rate, posing new questions and challenges for literacy educators. Using a case study approach, Ilana Snyder, Anne Jones and Joseph Lo Bianco examine the interaction between new and emerging digital technologies, adult learning...

A new way of doing justice business? Community justice mechanisms and sustainable governance in Western Australia

With a main focus on developments in remote regions, this paper explores the current and potential contribution of Aboriginal community justice mechanisms to the goal of improving security and safety in Aboriginal communities and ensuring the maximum possible ownership of justice and justice related processes...