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Suicide and its prevention for ageing farmers: final report

News of farmer suicides has reached media forums and reports, there has been a Senate enquiry into suicide and there have been studies and intervention programs focusing on rural suicide. Yet the number of farmer suicides is not reducing.
Discussion paper

Stimulating innovation in Western Australia: laying the foundations

This report seeks a more nuanced understanding of WA’s current innovation system and its constituent networks and clusters. It argues that this is needed before effective policies are developed.
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Stimulating innovation: comparative and competitive advantages, and the role of competencies

The purpose of this note is to highlight the crucial, but under-recognised, role of generic competencies and to emphasise their potential to enhance innovation and the State’s competitive advantages.
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Write up! A study of copyright information on library-published journals

Libraries have a mission to educate users about copyright, and library publishing staff are often involved in that work. This article investigates a concrete point of intersection between the two areas – copyright statements on library-published journals.
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Comparisons of tax evasion and welfare fraud: how well does policy in Australia and New Zealand reflect public attitudes to these crimes?

This study reports on attitudes towards tax evasion and welfare fraud in Australia and New Zealand. The study challenges extant policy arrangements that allow for different outcomes where crimes result in similar harm.
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Is decoupling GDP growth from environmental impact possible?

This research demonstrates growth in GDP ultimately cannot be decoupled from growth in material and energy use. It argues for discarding GDP growth as the goal in favor of more comprehensive measures of societal wellbeing.
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Policy information brief 4: sustainable and thriving rural communities under climate change

This Brief addresses the challenges rural communities face in adapting to a variable and changing climate. It was developed through a consultation workshop in Dubbo together with extensive exchange with relevant stakeholders and experts.
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Free Trade Agreement portal API

This data portal enables users to explore how goods traders can benefit from Australia’s Free Trade Agreements with China, Japan and South Korea.
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Evaluating the impact of open access at Berkeley: results from the 2015 survey of Berkeley Research Impact Initiative (BRII) funding recipients

This article outlines the results from a qualitative study of individuals who had received Berkeley Research Impact Initiative (BRII) funding.

“Coconut water in a Coca Cola bottle” in search of an identity: a New Zealand-born Samoan Christian in a globalized world

An investigation into New Zealand-born Samoan identity in the Congregational Christian Church Samoa.