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The Piccoli prescription

The former NSW education minister says Australia has a cultural problem when it comes to schooling.
Book review

The scurvy route to better government

Mike Steketee reviews Andrew Leigh's new book, 'Randomistas: How Radical Researchers Changed Our World.'

Australia today: slow growth, high debt

Australia has become an economy burdened down with debt. The burden may feel light now, with interest rates so low, but as they rise it will become heavier, and slow our capacity to grow.

Government by algorithm

Automated welfare didn’t end with the robo-debt controversy. Here and overseas, governments are turning vital decisions over to computers.

Dirty deeds, done for considerable amounts of money

The week’s two big political campaigning scandals — Cambridge Analytica’s data-harvesting and Labor’s funding scam in Victoria — highlight the temptations facing parties desperate to win government. For Labor, an Ombudsman’s report on the affair places valuable information in the hands of the Victorian Opposition.

Small world

Peter Brent asks would a stronger prime minister pull Peter Dutton into line?

The real story of Labor's dividend imputation reforms

Grattan Institute researchers, Brendan Coates and Danielle Wood, outline who wins and who loses from Labor’s hotly debated tax policy.

Hear that ticking?

Finance’s share of the Australian economy is higher than ever, leaving us vulnerable to a growing global liquidity bubble, writes Michael Gill.

Seeking an alternative to life in limbo

ON 30 SEPTEMBER last year the Australian Navy intercepted a boat off the coast of Western Australia and took the twelve Middle-Eastern asylum seekers on board to Christmas Island. These individuals who had made their way from Indonesia were the first unauthorised boat arrivals of...

The benefits of incumbency

THIS WAS THE WEEK the federal Labor Party lost its swagger. As the tragedy on the boat now known as SIEV 36 played out, a nasty déjà vu returned, along with a haunting question: is the party fatally estranged from middle Australia on these questions...