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Market-led proposal guidelines

These guidelines set out the criteria for submitting market-led proposals for infrastructure or services, what is expected of proponents at each stage of the process, what proponents can expect from government at each stage of the process, and how proposals are to be assessed by...
Policy report

Infrastructure pipeline report: June 2017

The Infrastructure Pipeline is Building Queensland’s independent assessment of infrastructure proposals under development by Queensland Government agencies, including departments, government-owned corporations and nominated statutory authorities.
Policy report

State infrastructure plan

The State Infrastructure Plan (SIP) Parts A and B outline the Queensland infrastructure priorities to grow the economy, create jobs and provide quality services to Queenslanders. It provides a framework to allow government to plan and prioritise infrastructure investment and delivery in a fiscally responsible...

Education and employment outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

This audit assessed whether Queensland is reducing the gap in education and employment outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Queensland mining equipment, technology and services: 10-year roadmap and action plan

This Roadmap outlines Queensland's vision for the sector to become a global leader in the development of commercially valuable solutions for the energy and resources industry worldwide.
Briefing paper

Leading practice strategies for addressing the social impacts of resource developments

This briefing paper provides background on the the social challenges experienced in Queensland resource communities. It provides a compendium of strategies and working examples, drawn from case studies that aim to avoid and mitigate adverse impacts and enhance the positive social impacts of resource developments.

The environmental implications of the local-state antinomy in Australia

This thesis uses the concept of antimony to explore the practical and applied experience of Australian local governments (LGs) as they attempt to deliver beneficial environmental outcomes.

Submission to the APH House of Representatives inquiry into the use of ‘fly-in, fly-out’ (FIFO) workforce practices in regional Australia

This submission is informed largely by our ARC Discovery research project Safeguarding Rural Australia: Addressing Masculinities and Violence in Rural Settings (2008-2011) which set out to study reasons underlying the high mortality and morbidity rates for violent related harms among men in rural Australia. We...

Social impact of mining survey: aggregate results Queensland communities

On 7 March 2011, a research team at Queensland University of Technology, led by Professor Kerry Carrington launched a study into the social impact of mining in Queensland. The study surveyed perceptions about how mining projects reliant on a non-resident workforce, are impacting on Queensland...

Workforce turnover in FIFO mining operations in Australia: an exploratory study

The primary objective of this research project is to assist the mining industry manage workforce turnover more effectively, especially in fly-in/fly-out (FIFO) operations. The study draws on data from three mines in Western Australia and six in northern Queensland.