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Adaptation for recovery evaluation report: for East Gippsland Shire Council

After significant bushfires, East Gippsland Shire Council implemented a new approach to disaster recovery using an "asset based community development" approach. This report provides an evaluation of the Project, presenting key findings and recommendations to inform implementation of similar models in future fire affected communities.

Balmoral fire connect: a case study of social networks and the diffusion of bushfire preparedness information in a rural community.

This report examines the diffusion of information using social network analysis of four key staff at BBNC. This demonstrates a supplementary method whereby rural networks can add to the formal fire safety education available in the community.

Hidden energy poverty: case studies research project

Australian households have faced sharp increases in energy prices over the past decade. Household water bills have also increased. Higher numbers of households are experiencing electricity and/or gas disconnections due to non-payment of bills and joining energy retailer hardship programs to remain connected. As a...

Western Australia resources sector working hours 2007

This report describes trends in working hours in the mining sector.

A matter of choice: capturing the FIFO opportunity in Pilbara communities

This publication examines FIFO trends in the Western Australian context, literature on the subject, new directions in FIFO integration and provides examples of current practices of PICC member companies.

State growth outlook 2013

This study presented the outlook fot the Western Australian resources sector in 2013. It flagged some troubling economic signs, as well as increasing energy and infrastructure needs.

Diversity in the Western Australian resources sector

This study looks at the representation of women and Indigenous employees in the resource sector workforce in Western Australia.
Briefing paper

Fly-in, fly-out in the Western Australian resources sector

This paper describes the benefits of fly-in, fly-out operations to regional areas.

Local economic leadership

As local economic development is often not a statutory responsibility of governments, and as it is also a multi-sectoral form of public intervention, it is also an arena for substantial innovation, where leadership sets the agenda and builds the context for progress.
Discussion paper

The mining industry: from bust to boom

Australia’s macroeconomic performance during the decade was much more stable than during the earlier mining booms, reflecting a stronger institutional framework.