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The income tax treatment of housing assets: an assessment of proposed reform arrangements

This research models several politically acceptable pathways to reform negative gearing and CGT so as to reduce impacts on less sophisticated property investors. Two reform models— a rental deduction cap of $5,000 and a progressive rental deduction based on income—could lead to savings of over...

Risk assessment practices in the private rental sector implications for low income renters

This report focuses on risk-assessment practices in the private rental market, with particular consideration of their impact on low-income renters. It is based on the fieldwork undertaken in the second stage of the research process.

Private rental in transition: institutional change, technology and innovation in Australia

This research is a comprehensive analysis of the private rental sector (PRS) and explores the interplay between regulation, organisations and structures, and social norms and practices of prevailing policies. It also explores the impact of innovation and digital technology on the sector.

Supporting affordable housing supply: inclusionary planning in new and renewing communities

There is growing interest in the potential for inclusionary planning approaches to help deliver affordable housing supply in Australian cities and regions. Within wider government strategies for affordable housing supply, inclusionary planning approaches can play a role in requiring or incentivising dwelling units, land, or...

Improving access to social housing: paradigms, principles and reforms

Social housing in Australia is under pressure. Put simply, demand remains high, whilst the annual supply of vacant homes available to allocate to households has declined markedly over the last fifteen years. This report examines in detail some options to improve access to social housing.Social...

Potential governance arrangements for a future Australian affordable housing system

National Action on Affordable Housing in Australia reflects new and more inclusive ways of thinking about and responding to the housing affordability needs of low and middle income Australians. National Action on Affordable housing extends responsibility for addressing housing affordability beyond the existing current social...

The housing careers of people with a disability and carers of people with a disability

This report shows that the housing careers of persons with a disability, and those family members with significant care responsibilities, are flatter and more restricted than those of the population overall.

The capacity of Indigenous community housing organisations

Remote location, inadequate governance procedures and lack of economies of scale undermine the organisational performance of indigenous community housing organisations. Authors: Karel Eringa, Frederick Spring, Mara West, Martin Anda, Paul Memmott and Stephen Long

Natural disaster preparation and response: a guide for state housing authorities (final report)

The overall aim of this project is to provide guidance for State Housing Authorities and to assist them prepare for and respond to natural disasters and other environmental emergencies.

Integration and social housing in Australia: theory and practice (final report)

This study examines the themes of policy and service integration in the provision of social housing in Australia and identifies principles that may contribute to better-integrated social housing policies and services. This study examines the themes of policy and service integration in the provision of...