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Australians pay more for education than the OECD average – but is it worth it?

Australia has the third most expensive education system in the OECD, but we might not be getting what we pay for, writes Megan O'Connell.

This is what the lives of Big Issue sellers tell us about working and being homeless

There is a need for more co-ordinated and comprehensive policy responses to – and resources for – homelessness, entrenched disadvantaged and long-term unemployment, writes Jessica Gerrard.

Digging for dirt in the digital age: the trouble with journalism and doxing

'Doxing' has a complicated history, but the type of identity-seeking that occurred in the wake of Charlottesville was once mostly the work of the media. Collette Snowden explains.

Here's what social media can tell us about the performance of Australian cities

Since 2016, the Regional Australia Institute and LinkedIn have mapped data on local skills and job mobility of workers in eight regional Australian cities, providing local leaders with critical near-time data on the skills, connections and mobility of their workers.

Beyond cats and Kardashians: can journalism satisfy audiences without dumbing down?

Building a journalism business model on clicks, cats and Kardashians may have had its day - even as journalists change to keep audiences happy, writes Peter Fray.

The prime ministership is not terminal – but it needs the right person for the times

What lies ahead for Malcolm Turnbull? His boosters still wait expectantly for the green shoots of political recovery.

It’s reputation that matters when spin doctors go back to the newsroom

When a journalist moves from press secretary to press gallery reporter, it raises tricky ethical questions for news editors in the face of possible concerns about the former political staff member’s independence and partisanship. Caroline Fisher explains.

New Zealand’s health service performs well, but inequities remain high

This article presents an overview and assessment of the New Zealand health system.

Taking the pulse of a city: Melbourne’s vital signs

Vital Signs is a report series that gathers good-quality data about a city from reputable sources to provide a snapshot of its community, explains Catherine Brown.

Slashing penalty rates: a misguided response to problems of the past

There needs to be more of a focus on the adverse effects of lower wages for the economy as a whole, argues John Quiggin.