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Integration and social housing in Australia: theory and practice (final report)

This study examines the themes of policy and service integration in the provision of social housing in Australia and identifies principles that may contribute to better-integrated social housing policies and services. This study examines the themes of policy and service integration in the provision of...

Child support and housing outcomes

This research describes the relationship between the payment and receipt of child support and housing outcomes. The focus is informed by diversifying family forms and household structures, which have implications for parenting, financial arrangements and the housing needs and outcomes of Parents Apart and their...

Public housing rent policy in Australia and overseas

This briefing presents the first comprehensive and comparative review of public housing rent policies in Australia and seven overseas countries, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. The research for this briefing was completed for AHURI by Sean...
Discussion paper

Towards best practice for public housing asset management

The aim of this project is to develop a set of good practices for strategic asset management which will assist State Housing Authorities (SHAs) as they seek to improve housing outcomes for public tenants and extend the life of their housing stock by maintaining its...

Housing insecurity and its link to the social inclusion agenda

Lower income renters' experiences of housing insecurity have six important dimensions. Compounded by other aspects of social and economic disadvantages, the result is social exclusion. Housing insecurity experienced by low income renters is multi-dimensional, including: needing to move as a result of circumstances outside a...

Approaches to evaluation of affordable housing initiatives in Australia

The release of the Framework for National Action on Affordable Housing (the Framework) in 2005 has provided an opportunity to consider how evaluation could be built from the outset into a major future initiative in the housing field. In response, this report first provides an...

An audit and review of Australian Indigenous housing research

This report presents the outcomes of a research project conducted by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) Queensland Research Centre (UQ) on the characteristics and themes of the Australian Indigenous housing literature. The report examines the Indigenous housing literature from the 1970s through...

Gentrification and displacement: a review of approaches and findings in the literature (positioning paper)

Gentrification refers to the in-migration of affluent households to poorer and lower value areas of the city. In Australian cities like Melbourne and Sydney this process has become notable in a significant number of suburbs. While gentrification has appeared to increase investment in the housing...

Housing assistance and regional disadvantage: final report

The aims of the research which is detailed in this final report included to: examine the relationships between housing policy and regional development by positing that local housing market conditions primarily determine the range and extent of social and economic impacts of government housing interventions...

Housing and social cohesion: an empirical exploration

This final report of an AHURI research project identifies three dimensions of social cohesion: social connectedness, inequality, and cultural environment. Home ownership is more positively associated with each of these dimensions than either public or private renting.