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Reporting Indigenous Australia

This year's winner of the Graham Perkin Award for Journalism, The Australian's Tony Koch, speaks to the Media Report about the difficulties involved in covering Indigenous issues.


Future Tense casta a critical eye over the idea that social media is leading to greater corporate transparency. We live, in a sense, in a much more open world. We're forever being told by psychologists that we should talk about how we feel. Thanks to...


What role does influence play in our society and economy? How does it shape our interactions? We'll speak with the organiser of a recent summit on the Future of Influence, Ross Dawson. Also Duncan Riley from The Inquisitr website.

The future of museums - Parts One and Two

The way we interact with museums and their collections is changing fast, and so too is the way they're now engaging with us. A panel discussion with Frank Howarth, Director of the Australian Museum; Associate Professor Angelina Russo from the Faculty of Design at Swinburne...

Second Life's other life

Second Life (the 3-D virtual world) is having a renaissance -- it's shaping up as an important research and educational tool. In this program Brighton-based psychologist Dr Suzanne Conboy Hill discusses a project she's involved in using Second Life to aid people with mental and...

Who owns the news?

It's a question no one has really been able to answer, though many try. A new fight for the answer is breaking out all over the place because readers are getting what they want on the internet, and copying stuff is really easy. Listen to...
Audio interview

All Cbus property holdings to be carbon neutral by 2030

Australian business has been lamenting the Federal Government's inability to land a policy to bring down carbon emissions. But just days after Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed the National Energy Guarantee was dead, one of the country's biggest superannuation funds is taking matters into its...

2017 Boyer Lectures

Each year since 1959, the ABC has sparked national discussion about critical ideas with the Boyer Lectures.

The 2009 Stephen Murray-Smith Memorial Lecture : the challenge of nuclear disarmament

Former Australian Foreign Minister and president of the International Crisis Group Gareth Evans discusses the difficult issues around nuclear disarmament in the 18th annual Stephen Murray-Smith Lecture. This lecture was held at the State Library of Victoria on 14 September 2009.

National cultural policy

Panelists discuss the need for and potential content of a national cultural policy for Australia. Federal Minister for the Arts Peter Garrett wants a national cultural policy and he's inviting you to tell him what you think should be in it by contributing to his...