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Cancer in rural Australia

Cancer is responsible for Australia's largest disease burden, and people with cancer in rural areas have poorer survival rates than those living in major metropolitan centres.

Central Queensland Workforce Development Initiatives

The proposed Central Queensland Resource Catchment Workforce Development Strategy (CQRCWDS) project was initiated by RDA Mackay Whitsunday and the Queensland Government to explore a way to address the projected skills shortages in the resources sector in Central Queensland. This report is a starting point in...
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Bridging Troubled Waters: Applying Consensus-Building Techniques to Water Planning

This research investigates a practical way to address clashes in stakeholder values and enhance outcomes in water allocation planning, in a case study of the water-stressed Lockyer catchment in Australia. A conflict assessment using photovoice interviews early in the process was used to identify divergent...
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Building co-management as a process: problem solving through partnerships in Aboriginal country, Australia

Collaborative problem solving has increasingly become important in the face of the complexities in the management of resources, including protected areas. The strategy undertaken by Girringun Aboriginal Corporation in north tropical Queensland, Australia, for developing co-management demonstrates the potential for a problem solving approach involving...
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Building regional adaptive capability through a local government insider-researcher network

This paper reports on the development and early deployment stages of an on-going local government 'insider-researcher' network. This represents a new model for research engagement and development between regional universities and local councils. It serves as an infrastructure to generate multi-level benefits to the parties...

Building the Peel's digital future

The Peel region is one of the fastest growing and most geographically diverse regions of Western Australia. The five local governments of the Peel are determined to build a prosperous, socially inclusive and sustainable future for their communities. The advent of the National Broadband Network...
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Climate change and food security: health impacts in developed countries

Background: Anthropogenic climate change will affect global food production, with uncertain consequences for human health in developed countries. Objectives: We investigated the potential impact of climate change on food security (nutrition and food safety) and the implications for human health in developed countries. Methods: Expert...
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Clustering for Knowledge Regional Development in North-Western Romania

This research starts from the analysis of Romania's regional development policy over the last few years, while introducing the argument of creating poles of growth, genuine innovative clusters, according to schemes that have been validated within the European Union. The research horizon is comprised within...
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Developing tools to support complex infrastructure decision-making

Purpose - The rapidly changing role of capital city airports has placed demands on surrounding infrastructure. The need for infrastructure management and coordination is increasing as airports and cities grow and share common infrastructure frameworks. The purpose of this paper is to document the changing...
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Diamonds, pearls and Kimberley girls: without shame in the north-west

ON A HOT October night under a blanket of stars twelve Aboriginal girls strut down a raised catwalk in Broome, vying to claim the title of Kimberley Girl. Behind them a big 'KG' sign flashes, and they move to the beat of Lady Gaga and...