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FactCheck Q&A: what are the real numbers on refugees and other migrants coming to Australia?

On Q&A, panellists duelled over the numbers of migrants Australia takes a year. Is it 200,000 or 800,000? How many are permanent and how many are temporary?

Australians more alarmed about state of politics than impact of migration and minorities, survey finds

The 2016 Scanlon Foundation survey provides grounds for caution in applying overseas comparisons to shifts in Australian public opinion.

New electoral law could still hobble charities

The Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform bill seeks to ban foreign donations to political parties and their “associated entities”. But it also seeks to capture organisations, including charities, that undertake public advocacy on policy issues.

Election FactCheck: is crime getting worse in Australia?

Former federal MP, Pauline Hanson, is back on the campaign trail for a Senate seat in Queensland. In a recent interview she said a lot of people she had talked to did not believe they were safe and that with regular stories on crime in...

How courts and costs are undermining ASIC and the ACCC’s efforts to police misbehaving banks and businesses

Even when ASIC has been sufficiently resourced to pursue litigation, the Australian courts have contributed to an environment where contravening behaviour is a rewarding option.

Six ways to improve water quality in New Zealand’s lakes and rivers

The ecological health of New Zealand's lowland rivers and lakes is in decline, but principles borrowed from drinking water safety could help reverse the degradation.

Australia’s slow march towards a National Energy Guarantee is gathering pace

State energy ministers meet this week to discuss the National Energy Guarantee. While the policy has been criticised as too modest, it would put us light years ahead of the previous climate policy paralysis.

Australias regional migration: a selective success story

Since 1995, there has been a concerted government policy push encouraging new migrants to settle away from the major cities. There are some very good reasons to direct new arrivals away from cities, such as ongoing concerns about the impact of rapid population growth on...

Yes, GetUp fights for progressive causes, but it is not a political party – and is not beholden to one

Australia’s electoral process is not the private fiefdom of political parties. There are a variety of actors permitted to participate in our democracy and become involved in election campaigns.

Pacific Island nations will no longer stand for Australia’s inaction on climate change

Australia ensured the official communique watered down commitments to respond to climate change, gaining a hollow victory.