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The role of further education and training in welfare to work policies

The focus of this paper is the training and education needs of jobless Australians with limited education and skills: more than half those jobless people affected by the Welfare to Work policy have Year 10 qualifications or less, including more than 60 per cent of...

SROI revolution or evolution?

A growing emphasis on developing rich theories of change, being pragmatic about what data to collect, and increasing sophistication in valuing outcomes has put Social Return on Investment (SROI) at the forefront for how society can better account for what really matters.

Improving housing outcomes for young people leaving state out of home care

This project aims to inform policy and service practice to promote positive and sustainable housing outcomes for young people ageing out of the state out-of-home care system.

Global financial crisis and economic downturn: implications for corporate responsibility

This paper discusses whether corporate social responsibility programs will be necessarily cut because of hard economic times or whether now is the perfect opportunity for strategic social investment and corporate reputation building. The CSI issues papers provide analysis on a topical issue impacting the third...

Australian community sector survey

Community services organisations provided assistance to over 3 million clients last financial year, according to this ACOSS report. Some services are at breaking point and were forced to turn away a quarter of people needing child welfare, youth or housing services. Demand for community services...

Working in the grey

Communities for Children place based research project increases knowledge of the social networks and service use of vulnerable parents with children under five whom formal services find ‘hard to reach’. The National Framework for Protecting Australia’s Children 2009-2020 reflects the nation’s growing investment in early...
Briefing paper

The impact of economic recession on nonprofit organisations

At a time of economic downturn, nonprofit businesses share one particular characteristic that presents the greatest challenge of all -- their heavy dependence on third-party funding. In general they provide services to individuals irrespective of their ability to pay. Consequently a nonprofit's economic viability and...
Discussion paper

Re-thinking the social impact of the arts: a critical-historical review

This paper focuses on contemporary debates around the social impacts of the arts and the problem of their measurement and evaluation. It attempts to put forward a new framework for the understanding of the so-called 'transformative powers' of the arts, by suggesting that a historical-critical...

Fair choices: 30 key recommendations for the federal budget

ACOSS argues that budget spending should focus on solutions to service shortfalls such as child care, health care, assistance for jobless people, education and addressing indigenous disadvantage.

Social enterprise: a people-centred approach to employment services

This report shows that employment-focused social enterprises are playing a critical role in improving the lives of disadvantaged Australians by offering a people-centred approach to employment support services.