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Misattention and problem solving in interactions between care workers and dementia care residents

The interaction of personal care workers with residents is the focus of this short report from research about regulation and dementia care.

Review of the national Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) ageing and aged care strategy: final report

This report reviews the actions undertaken to implement the principles and goals of the LGBTI strategy and considers the success of the strategy – and opportunities for improvement – from the perspectives of stakeholders.

Aged care diversity framework

Australia’s Aged Care Diversity Framework is a timely and important step towards a more inclusive future for aged care services in Australia. Whether barriers to appropriate aged care are perceived or real, they must be addressed to meet the diverse needs of the community.

Residential aged care in Australia 2003-04

This report provides comprehensive statistical information on residential aged care services and their residents. It contains information on the capacity of residential aged care services, their residents and resident characteristics, levels of dependency among residents, and admissions and separations.

Ageing and homelessness: solutions to a growing problem

This report compiles existing research and data to present an overview of the current issues around ageing and homelessness in Australia. The report explores the precursors and drivers of homelessness for older people, and also provides solutions and recommendations to respond to the growing problem.

North West ageing and aged care strategy

This strategy document aims to create age-friendly communities across the Pilbara and the Kimberley, while encouraging more seniors support services and greater local employment in aged care.

Life before death: improving palliative care for older Australians

Several myths undermine the broader benefits that good palliative care can provide for patients.
Policy report

Report on government services 2018: Community services - Chapter 14 Aged care services

This chapter focuses on government funded care and support services for older people and their carers, which are provided at home, in the community and in residential care facilities.
Conference paper

It’s not too bad - The lived experience of energy saving practices of low-income older and frail people

Drawing on evidence from a mixed methods retrofit intervention trial of the homes of low-income, older and frail people in Victoria, Australia, this study explored practices of heating and keeping warm in terms of equity and health. In most homes, heating restrictions led to inadequate...
Conference paper

Communicating energy efficiency to senior citizens: the influence of solar-PV and role of technology

There is concern that rising electricity prices in Western Australia have a particular impact on the standard of living for those with fixed incomes. One group thought to be particularly affected are senior citizens. This paper describes a trial that assessed the impact of SMS...