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Supporting affordable housing supply: inclusionary planning in new and renewing communities

There is growing interest in the potential for inclusionary planning approaches to help deliver affordable housing supply in Australian cities and regions. Within wider government strategies for affordable housing supply, inclusionary planning approaches can play a role in requiring or incentivising dwelling units, land, or...

Public interest disclosures

With their knowledge and insights into various aspects of public administration, whistleblowers are able to cast light on issues that might otherwise remain in darkness. This report looks at new legislative protection proposals in New South Wales. The report aims to untangle the complex web...

Assessing the impact of NSW’s Safer Pathway Program on recorded crime outcomes – an aggregate-level analysis

The Safer Pathway program has only had a limited effect on the incidence of domestic violence (DV) in NSW, according to this report released by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research.

The Domestic Violence Safety Assessment Tool (DVSAT) and intimate partner repeat victimisation

This report outlines BOCSAR's evaluation of the DVSAT screening tool (which is a key component of the Safer Pathway program), to see how reliable it is in identifying victims of domestic violence at high risk of repeat victimisation.
Journal article

The value of health damage due to sulphur dioxide emissions from coal‐fired electricity generation in NSW and implications for pollution licences

The health impacts of air pollution are increasingly recognised, with the main sources being transport, electricity generation and biomass burning. There is extensive public debate about the transition of the electricity sector away from coal-fired generation, but the health effects are not being heard in...

Managing risks in the NSW public sector: risk culture and capability

This report provides guidance, and includes recommendations to councils and the Office of Local Government, aimed at strengthening financial reporting, asset management and governance and internal controls.

Evaluation of the EQUIPS domestic abuse program

This study aims to estimate an unbiased effect of commencing the EQUIPS Domestic Abuse Program on general re-offending and domestic violence related re-offending.
Draft report

WaterNSW Annual review of regulated charges 2018-19: draft report

This report sets out IPART’s draft decision on WaterNSW’s regulated charges to its customers in the MDB and FRWS for 2018-19, and explains how we reached these decisions.
Briefing paper

FACS Entity Database

This Evidence to Action note introduces the FACS Entity Database, how it was created, what it includes and how it can be used by FACS and our partners.
Journal article

Maternal age and offspring developmental vulnerability at age five: a population-based cohort study of Australian children

In recent decades, there has been a shift to later childbearing in high-income countries. There is limited, large-scale evidence of the relationship between maternal age and child outcomes beyond the perinatal period. The objective of this study is to quantify a child’s risk of developmental...