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Blueprint: Growing Auckland's creative industries

Blueprint: Growing Auckland's creative industries is an action plan that aims to build on the vital contribution the creative sector makes to Auckland. This plan views the creative sector through an economic lens and will result in the council actively promoting and assisting Auckland city's...
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Contingency Revealed: New Zealand Farmers' Experiences of Agricultural Restructuring

New Zealand farmers were affected in significant ways by agricultural restructuring during the mid 1980s. Government, farmers' union, academic and media discourses all describe the ensuing years as a period of financial hardship for farm families. Based on aggregate statistics, the majority of these discourses...

New Zealand introduces resale royalty bill for artists

On 13 May 2008, the New Zealand government introduced a bill to grant artists a royalty each time their work is resold via an intermediary such as an auction house or commercial gallery. The Australian government has previously promised to introduce similar legislation.
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Freshwater Management and Allocation under the Resource Management Act 1991: Does First-in Firstserved Achieve Sustainable Management Principles?

This paper examines the current freshwater resource management regime and allocation of fresh water under the Resource Management Act 1991. It examines the concept of first-in first-served in the allocation of the resource and questions whether this approach achieves the sustainable management principles of the...
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Local Solutions for Local Problems: Addressing Teacher Supply in Rural Communities

Teacher shortage in rural localities is a long-standing issue in New Zealand. This paper reports on an attempt to reduce the impact of shortages by redesigning the way preservice teacher education was delivered. Called the Mixed Media Programme (MMP), this is a primary (elementary) teacher...
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Institutional Arrangements and Planning Practices to Allocate Freshwater Resources in New Zealand: A Way Forward

The mandate for making decisions on allocation of freshwater resources in New Zealand has been devolved to regional councils by the Resource Management Act (RMA) enacted in 1991. Growing demand for water resources in many parts of New Zealand during the last two decades has...

Council of Australasian Museum Directors annual survey highlights

A museum visit may not seem an immediate candidate for the list of quintessential Christmas activities but research undertaken by the Council of Australasian Museum Directors (CAMD) tells a different story. CAMD'S annual survey shows that total attendances at CAMD's twenty-one museums rose to over...
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Integrating Environmental and Socio-Economic Indicators of a Linked Catchment- Coastal System Using Variable Environmental Intensity

Can we develop land use policy that balances the conflicting views of stakeholders in a catchment while moving toward long term sustainability? Adaptive management provides a strategy for this whereby measures of catchment performance are compared against performance goals in order to progressively improve policy...

A year of selective web archiving with the web curator at the National Library of New Zealand

The Web Curator Tool is an open-source tool for managing selective web archiving developed as a joint project between the National Library of New Zealand and the British Library. It has now been in everyday use at the National Library of New Zealand since January...
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Managing the Environmental Effects of Agriculture under the Resource Management Act: Non-point Source Discharges

The intensification of agriculture, in particular pastoral farming, has led the way in the demise of water quality in New Zealand. Much of this pollution is due to the non-point source discharge of nutrients into our waterways. This environmental damage has been noticed for over...