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Discussion paper

Meeting Auckland’s growth challenge: the innovation city

Auckland is confronted with a three-sided growth challenge. There are not enough homes, there is growing traffic congestion and solving either problem is becoming increasingly unaffordable.

Creating Child Friendly Cities conference: outcomes and directions statement

This document outlines the findings of this research conference and look at future directions and key actions.

Rudd's army: a deployable civilian capacity for Australia

Following the response to the 2020 Summit’s recommendations, the Rudd government has agreed to establish a Deployable Civilian Capacity (DCC) for the rapid deployment of civilian experts to assist in international disaster relief, stabilisation and post-conflict reconstruction efforts. This Policy Analysis examines the need to...
Discussion paper

Cognitive playfulness, creative capacity and generation 'C' learners

This paper draws on Jennifer Pei-ling Tan's ongoing doctoral study of student engagement with new digital media technologies in a formal schooling environment to demonstrate the importance of playfulness as a learning disposition. The study shows that cognitive playfulness mobilises productive engagement with learning innovations...

Out and about in Penrith. Universal design and cultural context: accessibility, diversity and recreational space in Penrith

Universal Design principles aim to overcome the marginalization of people with diverse abilities by designing facilities and spaces physically accessible to all. But what can be done to ensure cultural inclusiveness? This research partnership between Penrith City Council and the University of Western Sydney investigated...

The dreaming city

This book documents the story of Glasgow 2020 - an 18 month project to imagine the future of Glasgow through the creativity and imagination of its people - drawing out key lessons for cities around the world, and bringing together a collection of eleven short...

Fluid cities create

What makes a city culturally dynamic? What makes a city the sort of place that people want to visit, move to and explore? What makes a city the sort of place that spits out or draws in artists, musicians, writers and filmmakers? What makes a...

Productivity and Agglomeration Benefits in Australian Capital Cities

This report is a first attempt to address this information gap in COAG's efforts to foster more productive cities. It draws together the basis, in theory, for asserting the critical importance of urban agglomeration, and then sets out a (potentially) standard method by which agglomeration...

The Mayors' Institute on City Design

The Mayors' Institute on City design is one of the Endowment's most-heralded yet little-known programs. This 24-page brochure provides a thorough overview of the Institute, including an overview by founder Joe Riley, an urban case study, testimonials from program alumni, and a listing of all...

Regional population growth – are we ready?

The RAI is calling for a new national awareness campaign to promote the opportunities of living in regional Australia, and help drive a population shift in coming decades. The recommendation is part of this new report that looks at the economic consequences of alternative population...