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Shelter WA pre-budget submission 2018/2019 - Housing: an opportunity for systemic reform

What does it mean to be Western Australian? Housing insecurity and homelessness remain a key issue for many people across our State. There remains a lack of diverse and affordable housing options, for low to moderate income earners and different communities and demographic groups, contributing...

Perceptions and realities of regional airfare prices in Western Australia

This Report examines whether prices are in fact high; considers the impact these prices have on regional communities; explores causal factors driving high prices; and suggests steps that Industry and Government might take to address community concerns and reduce airfares.

The price is right: an examination of the cost of living in Western Australia

This tenth report in BCEC’s Focus on Western Australia series examines the important issue of costs of living in WA, and how real household living costs have changed in recent years.
Journal article

Leadership development: flogging a dead horse or the kiss of life for regional Western Australia?

The Progress Rural WA programs aimed to widen community leadership and were designed to encourage participants to be transformational leaders; to empower those around them and support them in the process of change.

Working together: one public sector delivering for WA

This report makes it clear that the Western Australian community wants higher quality services and greater involvement in service design. However, the challenge of tackling the state’s budget deficit means that better services must be delivered at a lower cost.

WA Auditor General’s report: WA state tourism strategy 2020

This report outlines why the Western Australian Auditor-General feels there is still time for Tourism WA to achieve its goal of doubling tourism spend - although it will be challenging.
Discussion paper

Better choices: youth in WA - discussion paper

The Department of Communities has released this discussion paper as part of the preparation of a new youth strategy for Western Australia.

What to look for when choosing a well-designed house or apartment

Here are ten, easy-to-follow principles of good design to use when buying or renting your next house or apartment.
Conference paper

Communicating energy efficiency to senior citizens: the influence of solar-PV and role of technology

There is concern that rising electricity prices in Western Australia have a particular impact on the standard of living for those with fixed incomes. One group thought to be particularly affected are senior citizens. This paper describes a trial that assessed the impact of SMS...

Report of outcomes of the recommendations of 'Accommodating Everyone'

The inquiry into whether persons from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and Aboriginal people are being discriminated against on the basis of their race either directly or indirectly in the private housing rental market.