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Commonwealth Indigenous budget bulletin - June 2009

The Indigenous Budget Bulletin is prepared by the Macroeconomics health team to help engender public debate and scrutiny of Indigenous budget policy. The bulletins are published at least twice a year (coinciding with the release of the Budget and the Mid Year Economic and Fiscal...

Location and segregation: The distribution of the Indigenous population across Australia's urban centres

This paper focuses on which cities and large towns Indigenous Australians live in, how the Indigenous population is distributed by neighbourhood within these cities and towns, and what the characteristics of the neighbourhoods are in which Indigenous Australians are concentrated. According to the 2006 Census...
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Can evaluating Indigenous students' aspirations make a difference? Results of an evaluation study

This paper presents findings from a study on the educational and occupational aspirations of Indigenous secondary students, which was commissioned by the Australian Department of Education, Science and Training. 1,686 urban and rural, Indigenous and non-Indigenous secondary students were surveyed about their life goals, employment...
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CDEP [Community Development Employment Projects] as a stepping stone to employment: the Port Augusta case

Indigenous Australians in the Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) scheme have been working for welfare payments since 1977. One of the objectives of the scheme is to assist Indigenous Australians develop work skills which lead to 'mainstream' employment. This paper uses a case study of...
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Challenging the Creative Class: Innovation, 'Creative Regions' and Community Development

Richard Florida's theory of the 'creative class', new regionalism's emphasis on regional networks for innovation, and the business literature on the so-called 'new' or 'networked' economy, all point to the important link between creative thinking and economic success for regions. Out of this intellectual climate...
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Beyond the resource enclave: regional development challenges in northern remote Australia.

This paper calls for heightened attention to the question of how economic interests interact with one another at a regional scale. All too often in northern remote Australia, the paucity of local private sector activity and the minimal capital base of regions encourage the view...
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Breaking My Country's Heart

Yamaji writer and painter Charmaine Green explores the impact of mining on the Aboriginal arts industry in a Western Australia rural coastal community with particular emphasis on tensions created from a mining-initiated Aboriginal art exhibition held in Perth called Good Heart.
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Bringing Chiropractic to Aboriginal Communities: The Durri Model

Aboriginal Medical Services (AMSs) are the main portal of health care for Aboriginal communities, particularly in rural and remote areas where access to community centres and public hospitals is limited. Aboriginal Health Workers (AHWs) are also the first point of contact for people in their...
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Building co-management as a process: problem solving through partnerships in Aboriginal country, Australia

Collaborative problem solving has increasingly become important in the face of the complexities in the management of resources, including protected areas. The strategy undertaken by Girringun Aboriginal Corporation in north tropical Queensland, Australia, for developing co-management demonstrates the potential for a problem solving approach involving...
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The Reconciliation Barometer and the Indigenous imaginary

This paper discusses the findings of a recently released study to ‘measure the progress of reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians’ by Reconciliation Australia. The study, Australian Reconciliation Barometer, was released in February 2009. It breaks new ground in the campaign for ‘reconciliation’ by constituting...