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Art and the commons

Can works of art help us see the world anew and help us glimpse the ways in which human beings are truly connected to each other and to nature? Can they help us slip the shackles of old habits of thought, and help us develop...

Monitory democracy and media-saturated societies

There is a need for a fundamental revision of the way we think about democracy in our times. An epochal transformation has been taking place in the contours and dynamics of representative democracy. From roughly the mid‐twentieth century representative democracy began to morph into a...

Digital collections summit 2006: final report

This 2008 report brings together information shared by people working in archives, galleries, libraries and museums at the Digital Collections Summit convened by the Collections Council of Australia in 2006. It also incorporates feedback received in respect of the Australian Framework and Action Plan for...

$15.3 million for town squares in a feudal broadband system

FORGET media diversity in the fast broadband world. The new model for local media is top-down and centrally controlled.

Arts sponsorship outlook survey 2009

Australia Business Arts Foundation (AbaF) surveyed CEOs of major companies across Australia to find out how the Global Financial Crisis affected their arts sponsorships, their level of satisfaction with existing arts sponsorships, and the factors that drive their arts relationships.
Briefing paper

Commonwealth arts policy and administration

This paper provies an overview of Commonwealth arts policy and administrative developments from Federation to the present day. It covers: Introduction From Deakin to McMahon The Whitlam Government The Fraser Government The Hawke Government The Keating Government The Howard Government The Rudd Government The briefing...
Literature review

Literature review for an arts and disability action strategy for New South Wales

This document provides context for the Arts and Disability Action Strategy being developed by Arts Access to identify gaps in services and any barriers to cultural and creative skills development.

Artists in the workforce: 1990-2005

This US report is the first nationwide look at artists' demographic and employment patterns in the 21st century. Artists in the Workforce analyzes working artist trends, gathering new statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau to provide a comprehensive overview of this workforce segment and its...
Journal article

Looking for cultural value: Critiques of Australian cultural policy

This paper brings together critiques of contemporary Australian cultural policy from three sources: academic research, arts leaders and public intellectuals. It discusses the discursive shift in cultural policy towards an instrumentalist framework, and reviews academic research on this shift and its implications. It then looks...

Creative Australia: the arts and culture in Australian work and leisure

This paper addresses three aspects of creativity in Australian society: