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Working paper

Back to the future: the networked household in the global economy

New forms of information and communication technology are linking the household to an increasingly complex public realm of formal and informal, spatial and non-spatial relationships.

Digital technology in the not-for-profit sector: February 2018

This survey of 385 not for profit organisations identified a significant under-investment in IT, with many organisations using systems that aren’t working well enough to provide efficient services.
Journal article

Tele-social work and mental health in rural and remote communities in Australia

This article reviews the social work literature on ICT, draws on research on tele-psychology and tele-education, and provides suggestions on how to enhance engagement with ICT by social workers to implement and provide mental health services and supports tailored to community values, needs, and preferences...
Journal article

Fostering friendships amongst a group of first-year university students: the use of online learning software

Research into student dropout rates has attempted to identify factors that influence a student's chances of dropping out. Student engagement has emerged as an important aspect of academic success. It would seem that the development of friendship networks, based on socializing, could also be important...

ATA: A Practice-led Artistic Inquiry into the Intersection of Digital and Physical Environments

This practice-led research project offers a notion of the Mangaian cybernetic continuum as a way to discuss the intersection of digital and physical environments in my media arts practice. I take a position drawn from the Mangaian understanding that the 'material body' has an 'immaterial...

Digital stepping stones: exploring Pasifika students’ uses and views of digital media and their effect on the transition to postsecondary education and employment

The purpose of this study is to examine the uses and perceptions of digital media held by Pasifika students and how these relationships affect their transition from secondary school to further study or employment. This study utilised the views and experiences of forty one Year...

Mobile phones in rural Papua New Guinea: a transformation in health communication and delivery services in Western Highlands Province

Broadband telecommunication services are growing rapidly and spreading at a remarkable pace. Globally, mobile phones are one of the most universally available technologies today that have most affected people’s lives, both in developed and developing countries. This mode of communication has spread at such an...

Blogging for social change in Papua New Guinea: a case study investigation of The Namorong Report

The media landscape in Papua New Guinea (PNG) has recently been undergoing a dramatic change. Greater access to mobile media technologies and expanding communications infrastructure are fundamentally altering the ways Papua New Guineans participate in personal and mass communications. A new social media culture is...

Sailitofa: Samoan-born teachers’ perspectives of ICT in Aoga Amata

The rapid growth of information communication technology (ICT) is evident in our society today. Few studies in early childhood education (ECE) have been accumulated to explore the relevancy in the integration of ICT in ECE. The notion of ICT in Aoga Amata (Samoan early childhood...