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CT quick look: Manchester Arena bombing, 22 May 2017

This guide suggests that examines the Manchester Arena and argues that Western countries remain vulnerable to terrorism that exploits radicalised local nationals, trained and directed from overseas, targeting mass gathering events.

Representative views: mass and elite opinion on Australian security

Voter and candidate surveys since the 2004 federal election shed light on changing Australian attitudes to defence, national security, foreign policy and trade. On some issues, Australians are more divided than at any time since the Vietnam War, and opinions are more strongly held. Ian...

China’s expanding interests in Antarctica

This paper highlights some of China’s interests and activities in the Australian Antarctic Territory, which include undeclared military activities and mineral exploration.

Big data in national security

This report provides a high-level analysis of how big data capabilities can be used and managed by Australia’s national security community.

Coordination of federal, state and local disaster management arrangements in Australia: lessons from the UK and the US

This document discusses the gaps in Australia’s emergency management legislation and the coordination of federal, state and local disaster management arrangements in Australia. It analyses key legislation from the UK and US jurisdictions and reveals important lessons that could be adopted in Australia.

Alliance unleashed: Australia and the US in a new strategic age

In this report Rod Lyon examines what the strategic future holds for Australia's relationship with the United States, concentrating on the reinvigorated Australia-US security partnership through the ANZUS alliance. A summary is available online.

Elections at the UN: Australia’s approach

This paper examines the electoral process to serve on UN organs and bodies, exploring the opportunities for representation and what it often takes to ensure that candidacies are successful in an inherently competitive field.

People smugglers globally 2017

This report has drawn together the work of authors from multiple disciplines to explore the global phenomenon that is people smuggling. It has been developed to provide readers with a clear, concise and obtainable understanding of the issue and its complexity.

Widening horizons: Australia's new relationship with India

This report examines the effects this will have on the strategic architecture of Asia and the challenges facing Australia in developing the relationship between the two countries. Given India’s rise as a significant Indian Ocean and Asian power, Australia has pressing reasons for developing a...

Australia’s offshore patrol vessels: Missing an opportunity?

The acquisition of offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) to replace the Australian Navy's Armidale-class patrol boats under Project SEA 1180 has attracted little scrutiny or comment. It deserves more.