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Sedition, incitement and vilification: issues in the current debate

Gareth Griffith examines the potential implications for New south Wales arising from the recent debate on free speech, most notably in respect to the Commonwealth’s new anti-terrorism legislation. The paper focuses on three areas of the law, all of which impinge on the issue of...

Copyright: new exceptions, enforcement and encoded broadcasts

Exposure drafts of three sets of amendments to the Copyright Act are available. The amendments relate to new exceptions (including time-shifting, format shifting and exceptions for libraries, educational institutions, people with a disability and parody and satire), and other Digital Agenda review measures; enforcement provisions...
Conference proceedings

Media and government: a changing relationship in uncertain times

Papers and presentations from this event and associated roundtable discussion are available online. Speakers included John Lloyd and E.J. Dionne, two of the world's leading commentators, with a response by the Tony Abbott, Federal Minister for Health and Ageing. Papers and presentations from this event...

Household use of information technology, Australia, 2005-06

This report shows that the number of online households with broadband increased 92 per cent in the year to June 2006 and 48 per cent of online households now use some form of broadband. Cable broadband decreased in market share, dropping from 19 per cent...
Discussion paper

New media art scoping study: discussion paper

This discussion paper by Dr Elaine Lally reports on stage one of the 'New media scoping study'. It brings together an analysis of Australia Council funding data on support for new media art over the past 10 years, with information about support for the practice...

Community partnerships scoping study

The Council has adopted all 16 recommendations of the Scoping Study Reference Group, which was set up to propose directions for the support and development of creative communities, and has recognised that the most innovative element of the report was the proposal for the Australia...

DNA evidence, wrongful convictions and wrongful acquittals

The retention of DNA and other forensic evidence following the completion of the trial process raises many issues for the criminal law. On one side, is ‘fresh’ DNA or other evidence to be used by the prosecution to mount an appeal against what is perceived...

Jennifer Bott departing

After nearly eight years as chief executive officer of the Australia Council for the Arts, Jennifer Bott is stepping down from her role with the Australian government's primary arts funding and advisory body.
Briefing paper

ACMA announces new communications Consumer Consultative Forum

The new forum aims to heighten dialogue between consumer representatives, industry bodies and regulators about communications issues affecting consumers. Seven consumer representatives will join three representatives from industry bodies involved in self-regulation.

Water requirements of nuclear power stations

Currently the Government is undertaking a feasibility study into the possibility of establishing a nuclear power industry in Australia. Among the concerns raised about the development of a nuclear power industry in Australia is the amount of water consumed by nuclear power plants compared with...