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Dual citizenship and Section 44: what role of the court?

The relevance of Section 44 of the Australian Constitution has again been questioned. Despite the Prime Minister’s constitutionally inappropriate foretelling of the outcome, the High Court’s decision is far from predictable.

Policy Quarterly issue in focus: 2017 General election

Focuses on some of the important policy issues facing New Zealand as it enters the 2017 general election.
Policy report

Bailing out the justice system: reopening the window of opportunity

Examines the reasons for the increase in the prison population in New Zealand since 2013 and recommends alternatives.
Policy report

Report of investigation into whistle blower treatment within the Ministry of Transport

Report of the investigation into the treatment of public servants within the New Zealand Ministry of Transport.
Policy report

Stepping stones to Paris and beyond: climate change, progress, and predictability

This report examines how successive Governments can best deal with the ultimate intergenerational issue: climatechange.
Journal article

Education in or for the 21st Century?

Considers the main policy problems facing education in New Zealand prior to the 2017 general election.

A bark but no bite: inequality and the 2014 New Zealand general election

While there was a lot of talk about inequality before the 2014 general election in New Zealand, and during the campaign, concern about inequality appeared to have no tangible effect on the election outcome.
Journal article

Health policy

Explores some key questions to ask of potential future governments in relation to health policy in New Zealand
Audio interview

Jacinda Arden becomes youngest NZ Labour leader

Just seven weeks out from a general election New Zealand's opposition Labour party has changed leaders.