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Discussion paper

Commodity price shocks and the Australian economy since Federation

Australia has experienced frequent and large commodity export price shocks like Third World commodity exporters, but this price volatility has had much more modest impact on economic performance. Why? This paper explores Australian terms of trade volatility since 1901. It identifies two major price shock...
Audio presentation

Emerging futures

Looking at the promise and the perils of tomorrow, Richard Nevile discusses the acceleration of technology, environment and human consciousness. Emerging futures is a free podcast available through ITunes U Time: 52:58 minutes

Powering ideas: an innovation agenda for the 21st century

This report outlines a policy framework to guide the development of Australia’s innovation system over the next ten years. According to the report, innovation will make Australia more productive and increase our capacity to build new industries, attract new investment, and create new jobs –...
Journal article

Knowledge economies and innovation society evolve around learning

This article describes and analyses the pivotal and dynamic role of learning in shaping up and fuelling the metamorphosis of current post-industrial societies and economies into true knowledge economies and innovation societies.

Sustainable manufacturing and eco-innovation: towards a green economy

This Policy Brief examines how innovation can result in new technological and systemic solutions to environmental challenges and contributes to a wider range of OECD work aimed at analysing the policies that can efficiently support the development and diffusion of eco-innovation. While industries are showing...

The role of communication infrastructure investment in economic recovery

Economic downturns present serious challenges but can also be viewed as opportunities for structural reform and targeted investment in strategic areas such as broadband. This raises several questions about how governments can best accomplish these goals without displacing or disrupting private investment. What criteria or...

Women entrepreneurs: 18 inspiring tales of small business success

This resource profiles 18 inspirational small businesswomen, highlighting the great diversity that exists among women small business owners across Australia.

Policy responses to the economic crisis: investing in innovation for long term growth

This report warns that innovation risks being hit hard by the economic crisis as the capital to finance it grows scarce. It also includes a breakdown of government stimulus packages in the 30 OECD countries and the future-oriented measures taken relating to innovation, including broadband...
Conference proceedings

Collaboration and innovation

Presentations from last July's Association of Parliamentary Libraries of Australasia Conference are available online, Speakers included Roxanne Missingham, Parliamentary Librarian; Harry Evans, Clerk of the Senate; Luke Buckmaster and Sarah Miskin, Parliamentary Library; Kent Fitch and Alison Dellitt, National Library of Australia; and Carmel McInerney...

Momentum: The 2008 report on university research and knowledge mobilization

This report provides stakeholders, leaders and members of the public with a comprehensive account of federal investments in university research and the value of this research to Canadians.This publication is the second edition of AUCC's report on the collective efforts of universities with respect to...