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Do leaders' characteristics and organisational culture matter while downsizing? A study of publicly funded Australian universities

This research investigated why leaders would differ in their approaches to downsizing by exploring downsizing strategies while considering leaders’ characteristics and organisational culture in Australian universities.

Interview results: emerging trends on the human factors issues regarding automated mining equipment

This interim report details the outcomes of interviews conducted with technology developers, mine site and corporate mining personnel, regulators and mining human factors academics/consultants.
Literature review

Literature review: emerging human factors trends regarding automated mining equipment

This review of literature explores the emerging human factors trends with automated mining equipment.

Minerals industry: Indigenous economic development strategy

More than 60% of minerals operations in Australia have neighbouring Indigenous communities. The MCA’s vision is a thriving minerals industry working in partnership with Indigenous communities for the present and future development of mineral resources and the establishment of vibrant, diversified and sustainable regional economies...
Conference paper

The costs of conflict with local communities in the extractive industry

This paper examines the costs of extractive company‐community conflict and draws insights from how companies are responding to mitigate or avoid the occurrence, extent and costs of such conflict.

Children and the fly-in/fly-out lifestyle: employment related paternal absence and the implications for children

There has been growing interest in the implications of paternal fly-in/fly-out employment (FIFO) for families and children. The current research had a dual aim, first to investigate children’s well-being in relation to family functioning and paternal FIFO employment characteristics and, second, to access children’s own...

Submission to the APH House of Representatives inquiry into the use of ‘fly-in, fly-out’ (FIFO) workforce practices in regional Australia

This submission is informed largely by our ARC Discovery research project Safeguarding Rural Australia: Addressing Masculinities and Violence in Rural Settings (2008-2011) which set out to study reasons underlying the high mortality and morbidity rates for violent related harms among men in rural Australia. We...

Social impact of mining survey: aggregate results Queensland communities

On 7 March 2011, a research team at Queensland University of Technology, led by Professor Kerry Carrington launched a study into the social impact of mining in Queensland. The study surveyed perceptions about how mining projects reliant on a non-resident workforce, are impacting on Queensland...

Television and young children - quality, choice and the role of parents: what the experts and parents say

The ‘Young children and the Media’ project aims to provide parents/carers with information and resources to help them make informed choices to ensure that their young child’s media experience is a positive one.

Submission to The Treasury on the financial claims scheme consultation paper

REIA is firmly of the view that the size of deposit covered by the Financial Claims Schemeshould not be reduced from its current level of up to $1 million per depositor per authoriseddeposit-taking institution.