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The consequences of fiscal austerity in Western Australia

This report critically responds to the call for fiscal austerity and public sector downsizing, being made in response to the emergence of fiscal deficits in Western Australia.

Proposed redistribution of South Australia into electoral divisions

This report outlines the proposed redistribution of South Australia’s federal electoral divisions and the Redistribution Committee’s reasons supporting the plan.

Managing risks in the NSW public sector: risk culture and capability

This report provides guidance, and includes recommendations to councils and the Office of Local Government, aimed at strengthening financial reporting, asset management and governance and internal controls.

Opening government: transparency and engagement in the information age

This book explores new horizons and scenarios for better governance in the context of the new information age, focusing on the potentials and pitfalls for governments operating in the new, information-rich environment.

Corporate planning in the Australian public sector 2017–18

This audit was conducted as part of a multi-year audit program on implementation of the resource management framework introduced by the PGPA Act. It is intended to assist in keeping the Parliament, government and the community informed about the extent to which the resource management...

Election FactCheck: is crime getting worse in Australia?

Former federal MP, Pauline Hanson, is back on the campaign trail for a Senate seat in Queensland. In a recent interview she said a lot of people she had talked to did not believe they were safe and that with regular stories on crime in...
Briefing paper

Let money speak

This resource argues that the Turnbull Government’s proposal to ban foreign donations and limit political contributions from charities is a flawed and rash proposal that would undermine democracy.
Briefing paper

The arbitrary 23.9 per cent tax revenue to GDP figure: from a convenient assumption to a ‘speed limit’

This briefing paper shows the recently announced 23.9% tax-to-GDP cap is entirely arbitrary, and that a strict tax cap with no policy change will severely limit choices in government spending.

Evidenced-based policy-making: What is it? How do we get it?

ANZSOG/ANU Public Lecture Series 2009, Canberra, 4 February. Early versions of this paper were presented to an Australian Public Service Commission ‘Leader-to-Leader’ seminar in October 2008, and as a keynote address to the Annual Conference of the Economics Society inAugust 2008. What exactly does evidence-based...

Government data and the invisible hand

If the next US Presidential administration really wants to embrace the potential of Internet-enabled government transparency, it should follow a counter-intuitive but ultimately compelling strategy: reduce the federal role in presenting important government information to citizens. Today, government bodies consider their own websites to be...