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Blueprint: Growing Auckland's creative industries

Blueprint: Growing Auckland's creative industries is an action plan that aims to build on the vital contribution the creative sector makes to Auckland. This plan views the creative sector through an economic lens and will result in the council actively promoting and assisting Auckland city's...
Discussion paper

New media art scoping study: discussion paper

This discussion paper by Dr Elaine Lally reports on stage one of the 'New media scoping study'. It brings together an analysis of Australia Council funding data on support for new media art over the past 10 years, with information about support for the practice...
Discussion paper

Don't panic: The impact of digital technology on the major performing arts

The Australia Council's major performing arts board has produced a discussion paper on the impact of digital technology on the sector.There is no doubt that continuing advances in digital technology will affect the major performing arts (MPA) industry and force it to change its ways...

Anticipating change in the major performing arts

Major performing arts companies need to keep pace with economic and social trends, such as rapid development in the Asia region and shifts in the demographics and leisure time options of the Australian population, according to this report. Climate change, generational workforce succession, an increasingly...

Securing the future: an assessment of progress 2001-2006

Australia's 29 major performing arts companies continue to show steady growth across key financial and artistic indicators, according to the latest report from the Australia Council for the Arts. The Securing the Future report showed that in 2006 the companies achieved 2.1 million capital city...

Economic analysis of literary publishing in Australia

To enable literary publishers and other literary organisations to distribute and market writing more effectively in Australia and increase the income of writers, this report provides a better understanding of the structure of the literary publishing industry and the potential readership for literary genres. This...

Books Alive 2008 - reader research

This report measures the impact of the Books Alive campaign on increasing interest and participation in reading and provides the industry with statistics and information to better promote reading and Australian writing. Books Alive is an Australian Government nationwide campaign to promote books and reading.

Visual arts: protocols for producing Indigenous Australian visual arts

The Australia Council for the Arts fully revised second edition of its Visual arts protocol guide will help Australians better understand the use of Indigenous cultural material. The Australia Council for the Arts fully revised second edition of its Visual arts protocol guide will help...

Transitioning from training to employment in the performing arts: the model of the graduate-performance-company

A broad overview of the current status of employment in the performing arts provides a context for the core problem of this paper, namely, new ways of thinking about creating employment opportunities in professional theatre and dance for newly graduated and emerging performers. This resource...

Categories for the description of works of art

These 'Categories for the description of works of art' (CDWA) were created by the Art Information Task Force (AITF), a group of art historians, museum curators and registrars, visual resource professionals, art librarians, information managers and technical specialists brought together in the early 1990s by...