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The state of the world's children 2017: children in a digital world

Examines the ways in which digital technology has already changed children’s lives and life chances – and explores what the future may hold.

Children: unintended victims of legal process. A review of policies and legislation affecting children with incarcerated parents

This project was developed from the realisation that considerable research was available detailing the adverse effects of parental imprisonment on children, but that very little information was available about the policy and legislative context in which these adverse effects occurred. The aim of the project...
Briefing paper

The first thousand days - our greatest opportunity

Optimising early childhood development requires a holistic approach to policy, programs and services that builds understanding of this important period and advances integrated polices and evidence-informed practices.

Getting it right: Building blocks

This report focuses on what the UN calls the 'General Measures of Implementation,' or the steps governments are expected to take in order to enable the implementation of the Children’s Convention. In this report, we call these ‘measures’ building blocks.

Hospitalised farm injury among children and young people, Australia 2000-01

Over the five-year period 2000–01 to 2004–05, a total of at least 3,926 children and young people were hospitalised as the result of injuries sustained on farms. This briefing focuses on these cases. Life on a farm can present a range of hazards for children...

Inverting the pyramid: enhancing systems for protecting children

Executive summary Introduction Current systems for protecting children in Australia are failing in their primary objective: to protect children. Substantiation rates have increased significantly across Australia in the past decade although the rates in Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia have remained relatively stable (AIHW...

State of play—youth, kids and digital dangers

This report highlights a number of key themes in relation to the online challenges facing young people age 8–17.

Differential parenting of children from diverse cultural backgrounds attending child care

Parenting is known to vary as a function of culture and education. It may also depend on the nature of the caregiver's relationship to the child (whether the caregiver is a parent or unrelated day care provider, for example), as well as the context in...

The children's cases pilot project: final report

The Children’s Cases Project (CCP) focuses on the interests of the child and the parents' or caretakers' proposals for the future of the child, rather than the past history of the parties' relationships. The final report of the exploratory study looks at, amongst other things...

Lawyers and family dispute resolution practitioners: Achieving the child-focused ideal in practice

Cate Banks provides a summary of her research into the different meanings of the child-focused ideal for family dispute resolution practitioners and lawyers, and discusses how these differences play out in practice. The family law reforms introduced in the Family Law Amendment (Shared Parental Responsibility)...