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China: never mind the panic

This essay argues that in spite of the global financial crisis, Australia-China relations are too important to "leave to panicked shareholders and financial institutions".

New significance to resumed India-China strategic and economic dialogue

There is no doubt that there is immense scope and potential for Chinese investment in India, especially in infrastructure. New Delhi, for its part, should not be bogged down by the baggage of the past and must work to address key issues, such as bureaucracy...
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A New Perspective to Solve the Issues Concerning "Agriculture, Rural Areas, and Farmers" - Economics Analyses and Policy Proposals

Currently, the consciousness of solving the issues concerning "agriculture, rural areas, and farmers" from their outside is getting more and more fierce, which has caused "overemphasis on urbanization, neglect of rural development." If the unhealthy trend cannot get rectified in time, not only the knot...

China's Green Dam: The implications of government control encroaching on the home PC

A recent directive by the Chinese government requires the installation of a specific filtering software product, Green Dam, with the publicly stated intent of protecting children from harmful Internet content. The proposed implementation of software as reviewed in this report would in fact have an...
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Ending rural development vulnerability: Employing a subsistence perspective to address the energy needs of remote communities in western China

For the majority of people in rural communities of developing countries, reliable and sustainable energy services are not only desirable but also essential for development and livelihood improvement. In China, despite many efforts implemented in remote areas by the government and international agencies to improve...

Red - the new black: China-UK publishing

Arts Council England is currently exploring the Chinese publishing sector and its existing export links, particularly in relation to the UK and to supporting cultural exchange via literary translation, through their Grants for the arts programme. As part of this work, the Arts Council commissioned...
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Economic development, rural livelihoods, and ecological restoration: evidence from China

This article uses a case study in Southeast China to demonstrate how the substantial changes in rural livelihoods have been driven by a combination of "pull" forces from external economic development, and "push" forces from local areas, leading to a shift in rural household economic...
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From Vulnerability to Sustainability: Rural Development in the Poyang Lake Region of China amid Institutional Changes and Flood Hazards

With still-low development levels and relatively high risks from climatic impacts, the less developed world faces a greater challenge for future development than developed economies. Applying the science of complexity to study human-environment systems (CHES) and integrating ideas from climate change research into a larger...

Impacts of telecommunications infrastructure and its spillover effects on regional economic growth in China

This dissertation empirically tests the impacts of telecommunications infrastructure as well as its spillover effects on regional economic growth in China. Based on data for 29 regions of China for the period 1986-2006, a panel data approach is used in the context of conditional convergence...
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Exploring ecological modernisation and urban-rural eco-developments in China: the case of Anji County

The article explores the concept of the eco-economy in relation to planning and innovations taking place in the Anji district of China, Zhejiang Province. Through exploring a grounded process of ecological modernisation involving plan-led development processes, we argue that a new model of the localised...