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Local economic leadership

As local economic development is often not a statutory responsibility of governments, and as it is also a multi-sectoral form of public intervention, it is also an arena for substantial innovation, where leadership sets the agenda and builds the context for progress.
Discussion paper

Towards a digital strategy for the Northern Territory: discussion paper

Territorians are being encouraged to help shape the digital future of the Northern Territory by having their say on this government discussion paper.

Vanuatu Roads for Development Program - independent evaluation - final report

This evaluation concluded that Australia should continue supporting Vanuatu’s rural road sub-sector.
Discussion paper

Queensland drones strategy - consultation paper

This strategy consultation paper has been developed as a way to start the discussion around how Queensland can take advantage of opportunities in the drones industry.
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Drivers and shapers of economic development in Western Australia in the 21st century

The last half of the century has seen massive changes in the global economy which have, in turn, driven transformations in the Western Australian economy. Some industries, like whaling, have disappeared. Others, like the wool industry, are shadows of their former glory. The resources boom...
Discussion paper

Building on the Western Australian boom: the drivers and shapers of China's economic development in the 21st century

The extent of Western Australia’s current links with China, the historic nature of China’s transformation and the likelihood of severe disturbances along the road – provide both major opportunities and big risks for Western Australia.
Discussion paper

Stimulating innovation in Western Australia: laying the foundations

This report seeks a more nuanced understanding of WA’s current innovation system and its constituent networks and clusters. It argues that this is needed before effective policies are developed.
Briefing paper

Stimulating innovation: comparative and competitive advantages, and the role of competencies

The purpose of this note is to highlight the crucial, but under-recognised, role of generic competencies and to emphasise their potential to enhance innovation and the State’s competitive advantages.

Reference portfolios for sovereign funds in Pacific Island nations

Third in a series of papers on the role of Sovereign Funds (SFs) in the Pacific Islands, this report suggests a 'reference portfolio' approach as a benchmark governance choice for Pacific Island funds

Improving the performance of sovereign funds in the Pacific

This report summarises the research that has been undertaken on Sovereign Funds in the Pacific and draws out key findings, lessons and opportunities for funds to move closer to “best practice”.