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Guidelines for planning in bushfire prone areas

These guidelines are intended to assist in determining appropriate land use planning in relation to bushfire prone areas across the State of Western Australia; specifying the requirements to be met at each stage of the planning process; and ensuring that necessary bushfire protection measures are...
Discussion paper

Dam the expense: the Ord River irrigation scheme and the development of northern Australia

Attempts to develop northern Australia by subsidising capital-intensive industries like irrigated agriculture have a long and unimpressive history.
Journal article

Developing an alternative alcohol advertising complaint review system: lessons from a world-first public health advocacy initiative

This article argues that a public-health advocacy model to regulate alcohol advertising proves a success in WA and could be replicated elsewhere.

Fly-in fly-out and regional impact assessments

The purpose of this study is to recommend a suitable approach to modelling/analysing regional resource projects to ensure that the economic impacts of a FIFO versus a residential workforce are understood.

Living in the regions 2013

The purpose of the Living in the Regions 2013 survey was to ascertain what attracts people to the regions, to understand the barriers to living in the regions, to measure the quality of life in regional Western Australia, and to use that information to inform...

Understanding the impact of Royalties for Regions

The Royalties for Regions program commenced in Western Australia in 2008. The objective of the program is to promote and facilitate economic, business and social development in regional Western Australia through the operation of the Royalties for Regions Fund.

Royalties for regions progress report July 2015 - June 2016

Royalties for Regions provides a dedicated regional development investment fund – facilitating economic, business and social development. This Royalties for Regions Progress Report highlights the range of projects undertaken across the State in 2015-16

The structure of the Western Australian economy

This paper examines the underlying structure of the Western Australian economy and its transformation over the past ten years. The industries examined are mining and petroleum, manufacturing, services, construction, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, tourism, energy, water, waste; and non-market activities such as public administration and safety...
Briefing paper

Leading practice strategies for addressing the social impacts of resource developments

This briefing paper provides background on the the social challenges experienced in Queensland resource communities. It provides a compendium of strategies and working examples, drawn from case studies that aim to avoid and mitigate adverse impacts and enhance the positive social impacts of resource developments.

Extended working hours review

This report reviewed and made recommendations for the improvement of the Western Australia's occupational safety and health framework that applies to issues arising from extended working hours.