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Strengthening policy capability: New Zealand's Policy Project

This article reviews the context and creation of the New Zealand Policy Project, its contributions, evidence of its impacts, and prospects for its replication across other public sectors.

North Korea and the ANZUS Treaty

This Strategic Insight traces the origins of the ANZUS Treaty, examines its substantive content, and considers whether and how it might apply in the event of a conflict between the United States and North Korea.

World Bank: let climate-threatened Pacific islanders migrate to Australia or NZ

Australia and New Zealand should allow open migration for citizens of Pacific nations threatened by climate change, to boost struggling island economies and prevent a later mass forced migration, a paper from the World Bank argues.
Briefing paper

Government policy statement on land transport 2018/19 – 2027/28: draft for engagement

This policy statement sets out the government’s priorities for expenditure from the National Land Transport Fund over the next ten years. It sets out how funding is allocated between activities, such as road safety policing, state highways, local roads, public transport and other modes of...

Kapasa: the Pacific policy analysis tool

The Kapasa is a tool for policy managers, advisors and analysts within government agencies to incorporate the needs, values, aspirations and experiences of Pacific peoples in the generic policy development process.

OECD Development Co-operation Peer Reviews: New Zealand 2015

The objectives of DAC peer reviews are to improve the quality and effectiveness of development co-operation policies and systems, and to promote good development partnerships for better impact on poverty reduction and sustainable development in developing countries.

New Zealand's cooperation in the Pacific: report of the Forum Peer Review 2015

New Zealand is a committed and effective development partner that actively seeks to apply the principles of aid effectiveness in a pragmatic way considering the varying capabilities in different countries and contexts and the challenges of implementing projects of various kinds.. The report provides a...

Spoiled by choice: How NCEA hampers education, and what it needs to succeed

The recommendations in this report will raise expectations and equity by creating a safety-net of core subjects all students must master. They will reduce teachers’ workloads and the volume of assessment, reduce the opportunities and incentives to teach to the test, and improve teaching and...

Universities New Zealand: Assessing returns on international collaboration

Universities New Zealand has released this Deloitte Access Economics report that assesses the benefits of international collaboration between New Zealand and overseas universities. It finds that collaboration on joint research, and the active encouragement of staff and student exchanges between them, bring strong economic benefits...

Where I live; how I live – Disability Support Services community residential support services strategy 2018 to 2020

This strategy is intended to optimise the independence and self-determination of disabled people in New Zealand, in line with the Enabling Good Lives principles that support people with a disability to make decisions about the kind of life they want.