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143941 | Facebook and YouTube just got more transparent. What do we see?

Social media platforms have been notoriously opaque about how they work. But something may have shifted, writes Tarleton Gillespie.
Fact sheet

Media reform

ACMA has released the first two in a series of fact sheets relating to its key priority tasks resulting from the media law reforms and has set up an email update service on its website. The first two in the series are titled 'Media Reform...

Australia's new media ownership laws

The Australian Communications and Media Authority's recent Media Diversity Report details the ownership of the regulated media platforms in each commercial radio licence area and provides details about the new points regime. Ian McGill reports that, while the new media ownership regime permits foreign and...

Financial and externality impacts of high-speed broadband for telehealth

The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE) requested Access Economics to report on the financial and externality impacts of ubiquitous high-speed broadband in relation to health and aged care costs, in particular the impacts that would result from increased use of: tele-medicine...

Trend of broadband growth continues

Take-up of broadband services in Australia continues to increase, according to the latest ACCC Snapshot of Broadband Deployment. The report estimates that as at 30 September 2006, there were 3,639,700 total broadband connections across Australia.

Content, consolidation and clout: how will regional Australia be affected by media ownership changes?

The government has released its proposed media law reforms, and its regional Australia that stands to lose the most. Tim Dwyer, Derek Wilding, Helen Wilson and Simon Curtis examine four regional locations : Wollongong, Townsville, Launceston and Toowoomba, and find that residents have few sources...
Discussion paper

New media laws and their impact on the bush

Peter Andren MP, the Independent member for Calare, considers the impact of the recent changes to media law on media diversity in rural areas. The laws, which will allow a single owner to control both television and newspapers in a particular market, will see, he...

Broadcasting services amendment (media ownership) bill 2006

Rhonda Jolly provides an overview of the development of media ownership regulations and the changes wrought by the recently implemented media ownship legislation. The Bill permits cross-media mergers in radio licence areas where sufficient diversity of media groups remains following the mergers. At least five...
Briefing paper

Competition and diversity: ACCC guidance on media mergers

In July, proposed changes to the current cross-media ownership and foreign media ownership laws were launched as part of a media reform package. In response, the ACCC published its views on protecting competition (and possibly diversity) in the context of anticipated mergers in rapidly developing...
Journal article

Palliative care in rural Australia: involving the community in multidisciplinary coordinated care

This paper describes the process and outcomes of a project aimed at promoting community based multidisciplinary coordinated palliative care services in rural Australia. In preliminary health service needs assessment in rural Tasmania, key health workers appealed for additional information, support and education in palliative care...