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New Zealand’s Pacific sea change

The recent foreign policy reset in New Zealand is underpinned by mutual respect and a set of five Cabinet-approved guiding principles: understanding, friendship, mutual benefit, collective ambition, and sustainability. It is a message that will be well received in both the Pacific and New Zealand.
Policy report

A Zero Carbon Act for New Zealand: revisiting 'Stepping stones to Paris and beyond'

This report contains detailed advice to Parliament on plans for a UK-style Zero Carbon Act and independent Climate Commission.

Why New Zealand should not explore for more natural gas reserves

Developing new gas resources in New Zealand is a shortsighted strategy that could lead to stranded assets, argues Ralph Sims.

Indo-Pacific strategic choices for New Zealand under the Ardern Government?

On Indo-Pacific matters, the Labour Party-led government, headed by Jacinda Ardern, will no doubt take a lead from Australia’s maritime strategic vision. Its primary focus however, will continue to be on the Asia-Pacific component of the region, particularly the South Pacific.

Policy Quarterly issue in focus: the digital economy and society

This edition includes contributions on issues at the heart of the new government’s policy agenda, commencing with three future-focused issues: the implications of the digital revolution, the crucial role of technology platforms in economic development, and recent efforts to enhance foresight in policy-making.
Working paper

Worker flows, entry, and productivity in New Zealand’s construction industry

This research used administrative data on the population of New Zealand construction firms from 2001-2012, along with linked data on their employees and working proprietors, to study the relationships among worker flows, entry, and firm productivity.
Working paper

Absorptive capacity in New Zealand firms: measurement and importance

This research found that firms with a high ability to learn tend to undertake research and development and be New Zealand-based multinationals. They also tend to be larger firms that employ high numbers of professionals, managers and technicians.

Emerging growth opportunities in the New Zealand food and beverage 2017

What will be the next wine industry? The objective of this report is to identify emerging high potential food and beverage export categories from New Zealand.
Journal article

Strengthening policy capability: New Zealand's Policy Project

This article reviews the context and creation of the New Zealand Policy Project, its contributions, evidence of its impacts, and prospects for its replication across other public sectors.

North Korea and the ANZUS Treaty

This Strategic Insight traces the origins of the ANZUS Treaty, examines its substantive content, and considers whether and how it might apply in the event of a conflict between the United States and North Korea.