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A report into religious liberty in Australia

This report, submitted to the Religious Freedom Review Expert Panel, aims to explain the fundamental principles underlying the concept of religious liberty, and to explain how the current methods and other proposals to protect this liberty are deficient or fail to achieve their goals.
Policy report

Our common wealth: a citizens' wealth fund for the UK

This paper sets out an illustrative model of how the United Kingdom could set up a Citizens’ Wealth Fund, which would pay out a universal dividend to all young citizens from 2030/31.

The cost of privilege

This research, commissioned by Anglicare Australia, shows that each year, a staggering $68 billion in taxpayer dollars, greater than the cost of Newstart, disability support, or any other benefit, is spent keeping the wealthiest Australian households wealthy.

Community grants: a quick guide to key internet links - March 2018 update

This guide provides links to selected sources of financial assistance to community groups. Links are sorted according to Federal, State and Territory Government and non-government sources. This guide does not include links to scholarships, fellowships or research grants.

Regional Universities Network (RUN) submission to the inquiry into the Higher Education Support Legislation Amendment (A more sustainable, responsive and transparent higher education system) bill 2017

Compared with urban universities, any cut to the Commonwealth Grant Scheme would impact relatively more on regional universities and on what they can provide for regional students and communities.
Journal article

Extending the social justice mindset: implications for scholarly communication

In 2016, the Collections Directorate of the MIT Libraries convened a Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice (DISJ) Task Force to explore ways to manifest DISJ values in our daily work.

The state of homelessness in Australia's cities

This study showed that the majority of homeless people in Australia’s cities had low educational attainment, elevated rates of serious medical conditions, and high levels of interaction with the justice system.
Journal article

Gender differences in biological and sociological predictors of crime

This study was conducted by Deborah Denno and is one of the largest longitudinal studies of biological and sociological predictors of crime in America. One of the many goals of this biological study was determining whether there were gender differences among the numerous possible correlates...

The role of further education and training in welfare to work policies

The focus of this paper is the training and education needs of jobless Australians with limited education and skills: more than half those jobless people affected by the Welfare to Work policy have Year 10 qualifications or less, including more than 60 per cent of...

Rumbling tummies: child hunger in Australia

Although the problem of hunger is largely unnoticed in Australian society, more than one in five children (22%) live in a food insecure household.