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Seeking help for domestic violence: exploring rural women’s coping experiences - key findings and future directions

This report presents the results of a qualitative study examining the experiences of women seeking help for domestic and family violence who live in regional, rural, and remote areas in Australia.

Seeking help for domestic violence: exploring rural women’s coping experiences - final report

This study engaged with five different types of social and geographical locations at sites in South Australia and Western Australia to explore how isolation affects different women’s abilities to seek assistance and cope with experiences of domestic violence.

Revisit review of Country Health Advisory Councils governance arrangements

This report outlines advice on possible improvements to Country Health Advisory Councils (HAC) governance arrangements and information provision and engagement activities.

Cashless debit card trial evaluation: final evaluation report

This report presents the final findings of the evaluation into the trial of a Cashless Debit Card (CDC) for income support payments (ISPs) in two remote communities.

Independent investigation into NSW water management and compliance - interim report

The allegations of water theft and maladministration that are the subject of this investigation were raised on the ABC TV ‘Four Corners’ program “Pumped: Who is benefitting from the billions spent on the Murray-Darling?’’
Discussion paper

Future proofing South Australia: a discussion paper on how to build resilience into our economy

This paper provides a platform for discussions on future improvement and policy options for South Australia and provides the data to help contextualise the historic performance of the state's economy in a relative sense against interstate comparators.

The potential benefits of reforming migration policies to address South Australia’s needs: report 3 policy solutions

This report highlights a range of potential changes to migration policy that would mean the system would better meet the needs of the South Australian economy and its businesses.

Muslims in Australia and their aged care needs: an exploratory study with special reference to South Australia

The report provides insights into Islam and Muslims so as to put the issue of Muslim aged care into proper perspective; it also provides opportunity to clarify some concepts in the context of Muslims, such as culture, ethnicity, and spirituality.
Journal article

Labour market change and housing market segmentation in south Australia's non‐metropolitan private rental market

This paper reports on research into the relationship between labour market change and the private rental market in non‐metropolitan South Australia for the period 1990 to 2000.
Policy report

Reforming democracy: deciding, designing and delivering together

This policy document commits the South Australian government to explore and trial ways that build on the start already made in democratic reform. A key initiative will be four 'deliberative democracy projects' where non-government organisations or business will work with the government and the community...