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Is there a problem with Chinese international students?

This policy brief first explains the challenges related to Chinese international students and then specifies policy recommendations to deal with these concerns.
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China seeks influence in Australian universities

Academic staff at Australian universities have been targeted in Chinese social media campaigns after complaints from Chinese students that their teaching material was 'offensive.'

Halau education: A review of hula, haka and siva education strategies in Hawai'i and New Zealand

The primary objective of this thesis is to place the pedagogies and practices of Halau Hula O Maiki, as expressed by a number of halau students, in the context of Hawaiian Education. The thesis begins by reviewing the pre-contact, colonial and indigenous education movements in...
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Leadership amidst complexity and change

Lisa Paul AO PSM, previously secretary of federal government departments responsible for education and employment, shares her approach to the challenges of leadership, its loneliness and rewards.

Setting the pace: a report on aspects of education, training and youth transition

This study of developments in education and training in Victoria since 1999 was commissioned by the Business Council of Australia, the Education Foundation and the Dusseldorp Skills Forum. Michael Long presents an overview of the policies and programs in Victoria and other states and territories...

Education at a glance 2006: Highlights

This detailed, comparable and up-to-date collection of indicators on the performance of education systems focuses on the 30 OECD countries, including Australia, as well as some partner countries. The indicators look at who participates in education, what is spent on it, how education and learning...

SDG 4 data digest 2017 - The quality factor: strengthening national data to monitor Sustainable Development Goal 4

This report sets out a roadmap of strategies and tools to help countries produce vital data on education. The digest sets out the measurement challenges around the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goal 4: a quality education for every child by 2030.

Pillars of communities: service delivery professionals in small Australian towns 1981 – 2011

This report argues that consistent face-to-face access to service delivery professionals is an important part of improving outcomes in small towns and in improving longer-term economic and social prospects in some of Australia’s most disadvantaged places.
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Beyond literacy panics: digital literacy and educational optimism

Public debate over education has been beset in recent years by highly charged 'literacy wars' between conservatives and progressives, casting a pall of gloom over the direction of education generally. This article argues that the theme of 'digital literacy' has a potential to shift these...