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Discussion paper

Human rights: Australia versus the UN

Australia prides itself on being a 'good international citizen'. But how does Australia fare with regard to human rights from an international perspective asks Hilary Charlesworth. It is a party to all major human rights treaties and yet reluctant to make them work at a...

India: beyond the sea wall - chronic neglect and Australia-India relations

This essay looks for an end to "neglect" in Australia-India relations and finds the usual reversion to cricket metaphors - talk of "dropped catches" in the games of diplomacy and trade - demonstrates an evident lack of understanding within Australian institutions of the vast changes...

The good, the bad and the Section 420s

The Australia–India relationship is on the cusp of something deep and mutually beneficial. It would be tragic if thugs and misunderstandings got in the way, writes Robin Jeffrey on our partner site, INSIDE STORY.

Red - the new black: China-UK publishing

Arts Council England is currently exploring the Chinese publishing sector and its existing export links, particularly in relation to the UK and to supporting cultural exchange via literary translation, through their Grants for the arts programme. As part of this work, the Arts Council commissioned...

Election 2007: media policy

The single most important reform the next Australian government should make in the media policy field is to make ?freedom of expression? and ?the provision of resources for informed citizenship? the centre piece of Australian media/communications policy. The best means of doing so would be...

Nation states and networks of flows: the role of the state in Jordan's ICT enabled development

This paper argues that Information and Communications Technology enabled development needs to be conceptualised within a dialectic process of globalisation where, on the one hand, the flow of capital, commodities and information are expanding and accelerating while, on the other, nation states are essential components...

Australia & the world: international comparisons

Comparisons between Australia and other countries in terms of: Number of feature films produced; Production investment; Number of films released; Cinema screens; Cinema admissions; Admissions per capita; Cinema ticket price index; Box office; Top films' box office share; and Domestic films' share.

Three perspectives on China

Three very different perspectives on China and the media... from the changing nature of propaganda to the globalisation of the Chinese cinema and television industry. Interviews with Professor John Sinclair, ARC Professorial Fellow at Melbourne University; Professor Michael Curtin, University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA); and...

China on my mind

Peter Ellingsen on the failure of imagination in journalism and the difficulties of reporting on China. China shines. It radiates possibility. If it were a fashion it would be the new black. My problem is that I remember the old darkness. At least I think...

An international proposal for a plurilateral anti-counterfeiting trade agreement

This discussion paper provides information on a new treaty being proposed by Japan, the EU, the US and Switzerland, provisionally called the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). The paper is divided into three parts, firstly setting out details of the proposed instrument, then addressing the place...