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China in South Asia: the case of India

The second half of the twentieth century witnessed the re-emergence of China and India as major actors on the world stage.

New Zealand’s Pacific sea change

The recent foreign policy reset in New Zealand is underpinned by mutual respect and a set of five Cabinet-approved guiding principles: understanding, friendship, mutual benefit, collective ambition, and sustainability. It is a message that will be well received in both the Pacific and New Zealand.

Aid, poverty, and gender inequality in the Indo-Pacific

The erosion of long-standing Australian aid programs in many neighbouring countries means less development, poorer health outcomes, more poverty, and greater deprivation, writes Penny Wong.
Policy report

Russian policy across the Middle East: motivations and methods

Recurring confrontations with the West are one of the main factors compelling Russia to intensify its activities in the Middle East. Tactical and more targeted contacts with the region have also been determined by President Vladimir Putin’s diplomatic strategy, his perception of the Arab Spring...

Authoritarian advance: responding to China’s growing political influence in Europe

Liberal democracies in proximity to China in the Asia-Pacific region serve as good examples of what may await Europe if China further intensifies its efforts, with Australia being a particularly helpful bellwether.

Indo-Pacific strategic choices for New Zealand under the Ardern Government?

On Indo-Pacific matters, the Labour Party-led government, headed by Jacinda Ardern, will no doubt take a lead from Australia’s maritime strategic vision. Its primary focus however, will continue to be on the Asia-Pacific component of the region, particularly the South Pacific.

North Korea and the ANZUS Treaty

This Strategic Insight traces the origins of the ANZUS Treaty, examines its substantive content, and considers whether and how it might apply in the event of a conflict between the United States and North Korea.

Stronger together: safeguarding Australia’s security interests through closer Pacific ties

Greater Australian engagement in the Pacific Islands region is needed if Canberra wants to ensure regional stability and underpin Australia’s national security.

China in South Asia: the case of Pakistan

The Sino-Pakistani relationship was forged out of a common desire to limit India. It has since grown beyond that goal, even though it continues to underscore the relationship. The danger for Pakistan, however, is that it could grow over-dependent on China.
Journal article

Strengthening field-based training in low and middle-income countries to build public health capacity:

The International Health Regulations (2005) and the emergence and global spread of infectious diseases have triggered a re-assessment of how rich countries should support capacity development for communicable disease control in low and medium income countries