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Sinuous objects: revaluing women’s wealth in the contemporary Pacific

This volume brings the debates about women’s wealth in the Pacific back to the fore by critically revisiting and engaging with ideas about gender and materiality, value, relationality and the social life and agency of things.

The RAMSI legacy for Pacific policing

While most aspects of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) have been well documented, less has been said about the significant contribution of the Pacific Island police who served with it.
Discussion paper

Papua New Guinea under the O’Neill government: has there been a shift in political style?

This paper briefly recounts Papua New Guinea's constitutional crisis of 2011–12 and looks at political developments under the O’Neill government which came to power following the 2012 election.

What works best in education for development: a super synthesis of the evidence

This Super Synthesis identifies which interventions have the greatest impact on student learning and education participation in developing country contexts.

Growing calls for better recognition of "what blackbirding really was"

Support is growing for better recognition of Australian South Sea Islanders.

The relevance of aquaponics to the New Zealand aid programme, particularly in the Pacific

This report is based on a thorough review of the scientific literature on aquaponics; discussions with specialist aquaponics researchers and producers; analysis of web resources and an online survey of aquaponics initiatives.

Strengthening Pacific Partnership and Vakameasina evaluation

This evaluation sought to draw out key lessons learned from the implementation of two Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade funded programmes that support the New Zealand Government’s Recognised Seasonal Employer Policy targeting Pacific workers

New Zealand Aid Programme Strategic Plan 2015-19

The mission of the New Zealand Aid Programme is to support sustainable development in developing countries‚ in order to reduce poverty and to contribute to a more secure‚ equitable‚ and prosperous world.

Partnering for change: public-private not-for-profit partnerships for development

The potentially transformative role of the private sector in addressing development challenges has been repeatedly pressed at UN fora where “scalable and transformational partnerships for development” have been promoted.

Evaluation of the Local Government Technical Assistance Facility for Pacific Island Countries

This mid-phase review of the current Local Government Technical Assistance Facility for Pacific Island Countries (PacificTA) to inform PacificTA managers, funders and implementers of results to date, and to inform future decision-making, as well as to meet accountability requirements.