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The Australian youth homeless experience: evidence from a longitudinal survey of homeless youth

Young people make up some 42 per cent of the Australian homeless population. Having no safe and secure accommodation can make everyday activities such as attending secondary school, engaging in further training, or getting a job difficult in the extreme.
Journal article

The role of resilience in a homeless youth population

Homeless young people are one of the most vulnerable populations in society. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of studies in the psychological literature detailing the links between homeless youth and a myriad of negative outcomes including poor physical and psychological health, substance abuse problems, violence...

Great southern regional investment blueprint

This Great Southern Regional Investment Blueprint will guide the region’s progress towards its vision for the period to 2040. To do this, it establishes a strategic framework for development across the region in all facets of life.

New Zealand Aid Programme Strategic Plan 2015-19

The mission of the New Zealand Aid Programme is to support sustainable development in developing countries‚ in order to reduce poverty and to contribute to a more secure‚ equitable‚ and prosperous world.

New Zealand Aid Programme: Public Private Partnerships Research Project

In response to the need to increase the level of engagement of the private sector in the New Zealand Aid Programme, this report identifies ways in which it may be able to encourage greater levels of engagement through innovative methods.

Economic and social impact assessment: private sector support facility - Samoa

Examines the economic and social impacts of the Private Sector Support Facility, intended to assist small business growth in Samoa.

Muslims in Australia and their aged care needs: an exploratory study with special reference to South Australia

The report provides insights into Islam and Muslims so as to put the issue of Muslim aged care into proper perspective; it also provides opportunity to clarify some concepts in the context of Muslims, such as culture, ethnicity, and spirituality.

Evaluation of the Strengthening Pacific Health Laboratory Systems Activity

This report presents the findings of an independent evaluation of New Zealand’s support for laboratory strengthening in the Pacific.

Evaluation report for Cook Islands Tourism Sector Support

This evaluation finds New Zealand's tourism support programme to align closely with the tourism sector priorities of the Cook Islands government and industry.

Evaluation of the New Zealand Medical Treatment Scheme

The New Zealand Medical Treatment Scheme (NZMTS) aims to assist Pacific island countries to provide their citizens with access to specialised medical treatment.