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Systematic review

Innovation, low energy buildings and intermediaries in Europe: systematic case study review

Abstract: As buildings throughout their life cycle ac- count for circa 40% of total energy use in Europe, reducing energy use of the building stock is a key task. This task is, however, complicated by a range of factors, including slow renewal and renovation rates...
Journal article

Carbon assessment for urban precincts: Integrated model and case studies

The building sector is the largest contributor to global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Over the years, sound tools have been developed to support the life-cycle assessment of building carbon emissions performance. However, most of these tools have been primarily focused on building-scale modelling and evaluation...
Discussion paper

Meeting Auckland’s growth challenge: the innovation city

Auckland is confronted with a three-sided growth challenge. There are not enough homes, there is growing traffic congestion and solving either problem is becoming increasingly unaffordable.

Categories for the description of works of art

These 'Categories for the description of works of art' (CDWA) were created by the Art Information Task Force (AITF), a group of art historians, museum curators and registrars, visual resource professionals, art librarians, information managers and technical specialists brought together in the early 1990s by...

Submissions on pre- and post-detention

This is NAAJA's submissions in response to topics identified by the Royal Commission in its call for submissions on pre- and post-detention. This submission paper aims to assist the Commission to frame practical recommendations that will improve outcomes for Aboriginal children and young people.

Australian Law Reform Commission inquiry into the incarceration rate of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

NAAJA's submission paper to the Australian Law Reform Commission is written with a focus on a Northern Territory-specific context and to highlight issues and make recommendations based on their authority led by an Aboriginal board and are consistent with their commitment to cultural competency.

Submissions on care and protection

These NAAJA submissions respond to topics 1–11 identified by the Royal Commission in its call for submissions on care and protection of Aboriginal children in the Northern Territory.Given that the overwhelming majority of families involved with child protection services are Aboriginal, the new paradigm must...

Return to Country framework

The Return to Country framework will guide Return to Country programs undertaken by Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations across Victoria. In the interim, it will guide the Return to Country Program Pilot to be implemented by the Gippsland and East Gippsland Aboriginal Cooperative (GEGAC) and the...
Working paper

Fifth generation air warfare

As this paper shows, there is now a great deal to the concept of fifth-generation air warfare. The term has come to encompass and combine several important ideas, in particular: network-centric thinking, the combat cloud operational construct, multi-domain battle and fusion warfare. Fifth-generation air warfare...

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers Association: cultural safety framework

The purpose of this paper is to explain the expressions used in the original National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers Association's 2013 cultural safety framework. It is not intended to distract from or undermine the original document, but to expound on the content...